Monday, May 5, 2014

No Time to Email, Dreadful Heat & Al Estilo Guanaco


Sorry, I just spent most of my time emailing other people and I don't have much time to write you for now. We will have to make up for that on Sunday when we Skype. I really don't have anything interesting to report for this week. Just getting stuff done as always here in the dreadful heat of El Salvador. I can't believe that this is almost over already. I sure will miss this country and all the things about it. The food I used to hate and have a hard time digesting, will be surely missed. We will have to have a couple pupusa parties and maybe Ill make you some other food "al estilo guanaco", Salvadoran Style. I really don't have much experience cooking here, because other people have cooked for me the whole mission, but well see what miracles I can whip up in the kitchen. Have a great week this week. See you on Skype this Sunday!

Elder Vaughan

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