Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Email Home, Excitement for the Future & See You Thursday

Here's the most recent pic of me at a multizone meeting last Thursday. Eating a very tiny lunch, seriously, those lunches just make me more hungry. Anyways, enjoy the picture.

Well this is it. The day that never comes has finally come. Well almost. Just a couple more to work hard, get stuff done, then Wednesday and Thursday will be super chillax. I have nothing to say.

I am sad to have to leave this place, even though bean and cheese stuffed tortillas are the best thing this place has to offer, I will miss everything about it. Especially the people. The food will be hard to leave too. The food I once dreaded, I am going to miss so bad. This reminds me of how the Lord made the raw meat taste good to Nefi and his family while they traveled in the desert. I think that same principle has applied here.

I'm real excited for all the things that are to come in life, work, studying (yes Mom, I will actually study this time), eventually getting a family going, having a bunch of mini-Vaughan's running around calling you "grandma and grandpa". It's okay Dad, don't cry about being old, in the resurrection we will all have young handsome healthy bodies again. No need to worry. 

Well that's that. I have learned so much here and have been able to grow in so many ways. I don't know why or how to even explain it. Thanks for all of your support and all :) You have been good parents to me. See you on Thursday at 5:35 PM.

Love, Elder Vaughan

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