Monday, April 14, 2014

Starting from Zero, Help From Members & Progress


This week was somewhat interesting. First off last Monday we had the baptism of Eduardo, the only sad thing is that it technically doesn't count as my baptism since the area was divided and he is not on my side of things. Either way, it was a great baptism and I was glad I had the chance to teach him and help him prepare for the baptism. 

The other one we were hoping to baptize won't be able to because her parents don't want her to yet. So she will have to wait to be a little bit older to do that. Annoying, but whatever. We are still happy to have helped her in her spiritual progress, and we will continue visiting to encourage her.

Other than that, I am really annoyed with my side of the area, because it is the side that Elder Caballero and I hardly ever worked in, so really we had to start from zero. But, whatever, we are really trying to get the members going and working with them, because most of them are straight up dead. The family that is supposedly "helping" the other girl get baptized, they don't come to church with her because they have to go to the beach every Sunday to swim and some other very important activities. Nothing is more annoying than members that don't help us after we do everything for them. 

Other than them there are some good members here, and they are helping us and things are really starting to get going here. It will be cool to see the progress in this mission in the years to come.

That's about all for now. I hope you all have a good week. Until next time!

Love, Elder Vaughan

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