Monday, April 28, 2014

Crazy Things, Mormon Night & New People to Teach


Apologies for not being able to write last week, we had a crazy day with some unexpected crazy things that happened, so for that, I was not able to write you. Once I am home I will tell you the action packed story of why I couldn't write last Monday, but here I am now, all is well here!

Umm.. So the missionary work here is going great for us. In our neighborhood where we live there is a little "community house" where people can do whatever event for stuff. So last night we did a big Mormon night there and a ton of people showed up and we got to meet some new people to teach in out own neighborhood. That was way cool.

In the next couple of weekends we may have a baptism or two. That will be way cool.

Honestly I don't have much else for now. I think we will figure out what we will be doing for the mothers day call, I will keep y'all updated as we make our plans. You are all pretty much available whenever right? cool.

Have an awesome week,

Elder Vaughan

PS. I no longer have a set of English scriptures, since I gave them away to Elder Muñoz, the Chilean. I just never really used them, and I gave it to him since he uses it more. So could you hook me up with some English scrips. I kinda like using the triple combination separate from the bible. So if you could please order me that so I have some scrips in our language when I am back there at church and stuff. Thanks.

PS2. I'm also wondering if all is set for my registration for college classes and stuff, I have no clue what's going on there. that's all, peace.

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