Monday, March 10, 2014

Kickboxing Companion Saves Woman From Harm, Cell Phones & Awesome Faith

Good day,

This week was a pretty memorable week, for some interesting things that happened. Lets start with the most fun part. 

Last Monday after p-day ended (at 6 pm) we went to go see an investigator Yeimi (pronounced Jaime) and as we were walking up the road, we noticed an angry sir who was yelling at the mother of Yeimi. He was obviously drunk. When we were about 10 meters away from where he was, and he chased the lady, with the intention of beating the pupusas out of her, yelling lots of swearwords. Luckily the lady closed the gate behind her, but he was pushing the gate to get in and beat her up. The lady's son came up behind him to restrain him, but he received an elbow to the face, then my companion (who just so happened to practice kickboxing and martial arts before the mission) put the drunk in a lock and was able to calm him down and talk. 

We were then standing in the street listening to this drunk cry about his life for about 5 minutes, while the lady hid in the house and called the cops. The cops finally arrived and while we were talking to him (trying to keep him calm, since he was a large powder keg ready to explode), three officers pinned the dude to the ground and took him away. It was awesome. Ok, sad that the whole thing happened, but awesome because my adrenaline levels haven't been that high in a long time. 

Well, other than that the only other cool thing is that we now have cell phones here. Honestly, a cell phone is the most useful tool a missionary can have. We have only had them for a few days, and I am already loving it for so many reasons. We have wasted so much time before for not being able to communicate with people or other missionaries. Seriously, I cant believe I missioned for 21 months without one. Ok, I did have one in the office, but I hated it because people only called me to ask for money. It's so awesome.

Well, most of what I said has nothing to do with anything to do with the work. Just so you know, one of our best investigators is Carlos (original name, huh?). But he has cancer, and unfortunately does not have many months left in this life, but the great thing is his desire to change and follow Christ is ginormous. Hopefully April 5th he will be ready to be baptized. For the pain that cancer causes Carlos has to buy a very expensive medication that he cannot afford, and so his only other option to calm the pain was (you guessed it) medicinal weed!!! :D But when we taught the word of wisdom, he was sad to hear he couldnt take that kind of herb anymore, but was more than willing to leave it behind. That's an awesome faith!.

Well thats my week in a nutshell. Have a fantastic week! I love you! :)

Elder Vaughan

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