Monday, March 17, 2014

Elder Scott Visits the Mission, Our Branch is Growing & Trunky vs. Baggy

Good Day,
This was kind of an interesting week for us here, I don't know where to start really... Yesterday was stake conference, every stake in central america had theirs yesterday. The reson being was for a special transmission from a few general authorities. Did you know that Richard G Scott can speak Spanish?? He spoke Spanish in the whole thing while the others had translators. His gringo accent was hardly noticeable really. It was a good stake conference and all.
In our branch here, we are preparing for some future changes, the main one would be the new church they are building for the branch, which will soon be a ward. Our attendace is around 80 or 90 each week. So there's only a little improvement to do so that we become a ward, and when that happens they will begin construction on the new building. The new building will be so cool because it is literally in the center of the area and has a huge piece of land and it is visible from everywhere. Right now they have us going to a building that is a 20 minute bus ride away, so as you can imagine that makes it a nightmare to take investigators to church. We even offer to pay a taxi for our investigators, but they can be pretty tough to get to church.
The good thing is that once the new church is built within a few years, it will be way easier to take people to church. But for now, we will continue taking the bus.
Dad, I think it's funny how you say "Trunky" when you talk about a missionary being ready to go home. For some reason here we say "Baggy", but it's all the same really. I could be baggy right now if I felt like it, but I try to pretend I'm a greenie still. I can get baggy when I am on the plane.
Dad, I can't imagine how cold that Lake Stevens water felt when you jumped in with your clothes on in a dare. When it gets under 80 degrees here I shiver. So... well... That will be cool to see what happens in May when I get home ha ha! Way to go Dad, seeing the white house dog, Its kinda weird that you were there in DC, it's so far away from home. Even though El Salvador is super tiny (smaller than Massachusetts), I feel like its so big sometimes, but it really isn't. It probably takes 5 hours or more to get from the east border to the west border.
Well that's all I have for now! I hope you have an awesome week everyone!

Love Elder Vaughan

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