Monday, March 31, 2014

Baptisms Pending, Taught a Lesson on a Roof & Six Weeks Left

Hello World...

It's hard to believe that another week has gone by. Really, I don't even feel time anymore. It is the weirdest thing. Other people who were missionaries before can probably relate.

This week was slightly disappointing, we were expecting two of our investigators to be baptized, but for logistic issues and other things. But the good thing is that they are ready to be baptized and all, so on April 12 we plan on doing that baptism. So yeah, that will be cool.

One of those two investigators is named Eduardo, and he is the nephew of the 1st counselor of the branch. We have been teaching him for two weeks and he is all ready to be baptized. The other day we helped them with a service project, replacing the roofing on their house. Unfortunately the project took most of the day because the people delivering the roofing material showed up late and all, but in the late afternoon we finished. So we decifed to just teach Eduardo the last lesson since we were already there. We just so happened to be on the roof of the house, when we decided to just teach him the lesson on the roof. I can see the mission president doing a huge facepalm to that, but it was funny, and believe it or not, a very spiritual lesson!

Well, this week is the change meeting, I don't know if I will have changes or not, I doubt it, but who knows. That means there are only 6 more weeks left and then I will be home. That's weird. I have the weirdest feeling of being super excited and super sad, knowing that I will probably never see this place or most of the people I know here again. But yeah. That's that.

I don't have much else to report for now. I hope you all have a great week. Talk to you all next time!

Love, Elder Vaughan

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