Monday, February 17, 2014

Chronic Disease of Inactivity, Giving It All We Got & Cars Are A Luxury


Now this week, was pretty average. We are fighting hard against the chronic disease of inactivity in the church. Neither of our recent baptisms showed up to church (Ismael and Miguel). Who knows why, but it is a trend I have seen my whole mission here. People get baptized and they disappear. We are really going to give it our all with our most recent converts so that that same thing doesn't happen to them! That would be the explanation of why there are 500 members in Santa Rosa de Lima, but only 30-50 attend weekly.

By the way, its good to see Lokey is still alive, I was wondering if he was still around, how old it he? I imagined that he would die of old age during my mission. what a trooper!

Also this week are changes, the fact that I just got here means that I probably will not have changes. But my companion will probably be sent to a new area. But, who knows?

Seriously dad? A car for more than half of your mission? Lucky. Was that for leadership positions, or just for having a huge area and having to travel a lot? When I was in the office we traveled in bus daily about 1.5 - 2 hours. We begged and begged for a car, but we never got it because a couple years ago the office secretaries totaled one they had. Two changes after I left the office, President gave the office missionaries a Toyota Hilux pickup. Talk about bad luck huh? That would have been cool.

Well time is up, and I must be going! Have an awesome week family!

Elder Vaughan

PS: Jesse wants me to do a wilderness survival thing with him when I get back, sounds cool. but I don't know If I will be able to because I don't know how my schedule will be.... I don't know haha peace!

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