Monday, February 3, 2014

Baptism, Presidential Elections & Elder Duncan of the Seventy


Well this week went well. First off, we had the baptism of Miguel, that was the highlight. The Sunday right after the confirmation, the president interviewed him and ordained him to the priesthood. It is good to see that kind of progress, now it looks like we will have help blessing and passing the sacrament from here on out.

Next week we have another baptism planned for Ismael, a little kid we are teaching. Hes a spaz, but we are equally excited for his baptism. Hopefully all goes well with that. 

Yesterday was the presidential elections of El Salvador. There were three main candidates, two of which are republicans, and one is communist. One republican lost so bad (just like the Denver Broncos) and the other two candidates did just about equally as well. So in March they will do another election to see how things play out with just two candidates. I think this will give the republican a greater chance of winning big time. This country could really use a good president to start fixing the many problems, but whatever, soon none of this will matter to me.

This Saturday, following the baptism of Ismael, we have a big fun activity planned for the branch, in the effort to bring back inactives and to bring in new people. hopefully all goes well!

Also this past week we had a zone conference with Elder Duncan from the 70, it was a great meeting, and a great chance to meet the man in person. When I mentioned where I was from, he knew exactly where Marysville was because he used to live in... Renton I think he said, I dont know. But it was a great meeting, I learned a lot about the importance of setting goals to be able to achieve great things.

Unfortunately, time is about up. I hope you all have a great week, talk to you next time!

Elder Vaughan

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