Monday, February 10, 2014

Baptism, Faith of a Child & No Pics

Hello again,

Yet again, another week has passed. The highlight would have to be the baptism we had with Ismael, he is a little kid whose father passed away when he was littler, but his grandma has taken him to church and now he was ready to be baptized! Ismael shared his testimony after being baptized, and it was so cool to see such great faith in a little kid. Adults are the stupid ones who doubt, and don't believe in the simple doctrinal principles. I feel like kids have more faith than most other people, and its really cool to see.

For next month we have a couple potential baptisms coming up. Hopefully all goes well with that. 

Sounds cool with all the wall smashing that is going on in the office and warehouse building. In a few years there wont be anymore walls to bust down, you will have to start building new walls. ha ha. Really, that's all I have to report for now. I would send pictures, but I left my camera in the house on accident, oops. Next time I will send you the pictures!

Have an awesome weekend family, until next time.

Elder Vaughan

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