Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to the Volcano, District Leader & Sickness

Hello again,

Well I got changed yet again, I thought I would stay in Santa Rosa de Lima for the rest of my mission. But I was wrong! Now I am in San Miguel again, but in an area called La Pacifica, its small neighborhood on the outskirts of San Miguel. Not to mention the closeness to the volcano, I am even closer than ever :) So if it erupts again, Ill be the first to know ;)

My new companion, well, isn't exactly new to me. its Elder Caballero from Argentina. Does that name look familiar to you? He was in the trio with me and Elder Wyatt a bit ago in San Miguel, and here we are again (just without elder Wyatt this time).

Oh, and I am district leader, which is kind of cool but annoying at the same time. There are a total of 13 missionaries in my district, and the zone leaders want me to do 3 intercambios a week with each area, which sucks, because that leaves me no time to know my own area and get things done. The zone leaders want me to be the district police, which is NOT why I am here. I trust the missionaries and know that they are doing things right. I don't feel it necessary to do so many interchanges with them. I'll just ask president to see what he thinks on the situation, because whenever there are new zone leaders, sometimes they go do crazy things that don't make sense.

Oh, almost forgot. I got sick on Friday. That was not fun. Crazy case of mustard diarrhea, and vomit. It was horrible, but its over now. All I have now are some light headaches. The coolest things about the resurrection is that we won't ever get sick. Because spending all day on a toilet is not fun.

Umm... That's about all I have for now. Things are good here. I don't know much about my area yet since I spent the greater part of Friday and Saturday on a toilet. 

I'm pretty excited for USU with Chris this fall. It will be cool. Who knows what crazy ness we will do!

Be sure to congratulate Jenni Domski for BSU winning the Western Champions thing in swim!

That's all I have for today! Have an awesome week.

Love Elder Vaughan

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