Monday, January 27, 2014

Pictures from Paradise, Elder Cook Visits & Good Problems to Have

My time to write is so short right now, because, well it is. All is well. I really wanted to send some pictures, but the slow loading makes it hard to write. 

First picture is me and Elder Wyatt, my previous companion. We visited the house of a member up in Perquin, in the mountains. The mountains behind us are actually part of Honduras.

The next one is of me and Elder Reynolds, his brother is the singer of Imagine Dragons. He is one of the first Elder Friends I have had since the MTC in provolone. 

Next, is me and my current companion, Elder Morales, he is from Ecuador. He is super funny and works real hard and all that.

Then the last one is a shot of the temple from the bus. It is super nice, partly because it is the nicest neighborhood in the whole country, and second of course because it is the temple. Such a pretty place.

We had a multi mission conference in  the temple stake center with Elder Quinten L Cook. It was a great conference. Lots of great things to learn from him. Lots of missionaries I knew before were left in the other mission when the division was made last summer, so it was good to see people I knew from back then.

Enjoy the pictures. The next two Saturdays we have baptisms planned, so hopefully all goes well with that. We are now on the hunt for new people to teach as the current investigators are becoming members, that's such a good problem to have!

Have a sick week in paradise.

Love Elder Vaughan

Monday, January 20, 2014

Drinking Water, Greasy Diet & Busy Sundays


First of with the disappointing news, Miguel couldn't get baptized because he had a small issue with coffee, but not to worry, we reprogrammed the baptism and all will go well. We also have a baptism planned for a kid Ismael, for the second Saturday in February. We have some other dates set up for February, hopefully all goes well.

Yeah, it is really hot here, but I just don't care anymore, I try not to pay attention to it, and even if I drink 2 liters of water in the morning my pee still comes out like applesauce. People here have so many problems with their Kidney health. Not just for lack of water, but for the greasy diet too. I hope I can figure out a cheap and tasty way to cook and eat healthy when I go to college. Being here has completely ruined my cooking skills, I don´t even know how to cook healthy anymore.

funny random thing, one of Jenni's home teacher dudes used to be one of my Zone Leaders in San Salvador nearly a year ago. Hes a cool dude. Just a funny small world moment realization.

Based on my predictions, I will come home on May 15th in the afternoon, that's whats most likely, but don't count on it until I get the itinerary.

The ward here is crazy, there is next to nobody in priesthood, yesterday I had to bless the sacrament, give a talk in sacrament meeting (because the speaker didn't show up), and teach elders quorum (because the teacher didn't show up). I feel like it will be like that every week, but things will improve.

Other than that, all is well as normal. I sure miss you all, and I hope you have a great week!  And hopefully President Wilcox can get better soon!

Love Elder Vaughan

PS. I almost forgot, but this week we have a multi mission conference with Elder Cook (yeah dude, the apostle) So I will let you know how that goes!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Santa Rosa de Lima, Summertime & Ecuador Companion

Hello World... again,

So this past week I got changes again, potentially the last area I will be in for my mission. I am in a place called Santa Rosa de Lima, in the department of La UniĆ³n. It is literally the farthest I could possibly be from the capital. Not to mention its the hottest place in the country. Remember in September when I complained about the extreme heat? Well, it got worse. I should have kept quite. Now the "summer" is about to begin at the end of February, so it will get even hotter, around 45 Celsius (which I think is really hot). The good thing is that we are farther from the volcano, so if it gets another case of diarrhea, we should be okay.

My new companion is Elder Morales from Ecuador. He is really awesome, maybe I will get a picture with him soon to show you. 

The branch we are in is probably one of the worst in the country, with an average attendance of 40 people on Sundays. Its bad. There are 2 priesthood holders, and 38 relief society. It's messed up. 

Other than the sad branch, we have a baptism planned for Miguel this coming Saturday, hopefully all goes well there.

I am really excited to be here in this new area, where it is obvious that a lot of work needs to be done.

I hope you all had a great week and that all continues going well in the business and in school.

Love Elder Vaughan

Monday, January 6, 2014

Calm After the Volcano, Frosty Trees & Perquin P-Day

Well, this week was pretty calm to be honest, after the volcano thing, its hard to come up with anything that's more interesting than that. So we came back to San Miguel on Tuesday in the afternoon, when we arrived there was still some smoke seeping out of the volcano pretty steadily. But we aren´t worried about that. The people who live in little towns right next to the volcano were evacuated for the fear of CO2 poisoning or something like that.

Things here in San Miguel are alright. The eruption was just a big adrenaline booster and repentance inducer (if you know what I mean). People say that it may erupt again, and maybe stronger, but I doubt it. The volcano looks way cool because the ash that is resting on the trees makes the volcano look frosty, which of course is ridiculous!

The good thing about this whole volcano evacuation thing is that when we were in SanSal the office dudes gave us our Christmas packages and letters. I just have to say that Elder Wyatt and I really enjoyed the packages (from you, Gma Suzi, and Gma Little) It was very kind and thoughtful of you all for sending that! I do have to say that the CDs you sent are awesome, we are really enjoying them! Thanks!

So today for pday, we are here in a little town called Perquin, which is up by the Honduras border, just to see some stuff and have an interesting pday in a cold place (since it is up in the mountains), we just got here and haven't seen anything cool yet, but we will. Lately we haven't done anything cool for pday, so here we are, ready for a good pday.

So this coming up Wednesday are the changes, I don´t know what will happen, but I am sure that Elder Wyatt and I will no longer be as a comp since we already have 3 changes together. Hes a cool dude, but I am starting to forget what it is like to have a different companion. So it will be interesting to have a change. Only three more changes to go!

That's about all for this week. Next week I will let you know how the changes go and all. I am excited to see what I can make of these last months here in this really hot place.

Thanks for all that you do for me, it means a lot!

Love Elder Vaughan