Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Email Home, Excitement for the Future & See You Thursday

Here's the most recent pic of me at a multizone meeting last Thursday. Eating a very tiny lunch, seriously, those lunches just make me more hungry. Anyways, enjoy the picture.

Well this is it. The day that never comes has finally come. Well almost. Just a couple more to work hard, get stuff done, then Wednesday and Thursday will be super chillax. I have nothing to say.

I am sad to have to leave this place, even though bean and cheese stuffed tortillas are the best thing this place has to offer, I will miss everything about it. Especially the people. The food will be hard to leave too. The food I once dreaded, I am going to miss so bad. This reminds me of how the Lord made the raw meat taste good to Nefi and his family while they traveled in the desert. I think that same principle has applied here.

I'm real excited for all the things that are to come in life, work, studying (yes Mom, I will actually study this time), eventually getting a family going, having a bunch of mini-Vaughan's running around calling you "grandma and grandpa". It's okay Dad, don't cry about being old, in the resurrection we will all have young handsome healthy bodies again. No need to worry. 

Well that's that. I have learned so much here and have been able to grow in so many ways. I don't know why or how to even explain it. Thanks for all of your support and all :) You have been good parents to me. See you on Thursday at 5:35 PM.

Love, Elder Vaughan

Monday, May 5, 2014

No Time to Email, Dreadful Heat & Al Estilo Guanaco


Sorry, I just spent most of my time emailing other people and I don't have much time to write you for now. We will have to make up for that on Sunday when we Skype. I really don't have anything interesting to report for this week. Just getting stuff done as always here in the dreadful heat of El Salvador. I can't believe that this is almost over already. I sure will miss this country and all the things about it. The food I used to hate and have a hard time digesting, will be surely missed. We will have to have a couple pupusa parties and maybe Ill make you some other food "al estilo guanaco", Salvadoran Style. I really don't have much experience cooking here, because other people have cooked for me the whole mission, but well see what miracles I can whip up in the kitchen. Have a great week this week. See you on Skype this Sunday!

Elder Vaughan

Monday, April 28, 2014

Crazy Things, Mormon Night & New People to Teach


Apologies for not being able to write last week, we had a crazy day with some unexpected crazy things that happened, so for that, I was not able to write you. Once I am home I will tell you the action packed story of why I couldn't write last Monday, but here I am now, all is well here!

Umm.. So the missionary work here is going great for us. In our neighborhood where we live there is a little "community house" where people can do whatever event for stuff. So last night we did a big Mormon night there and a ton of people showed up and we got to meet some new people to teach in out own neighborhood. That was way cool.

In the next couple of weekends we may have a baptism or two. That will be way cool.

Honestly I don't have much else for now. I think we will figure out what we will be doing for the mothers day call, I will keep y'all updated as we make our plans. You are all pretty much available whenever right? cool.

Have an awesome week,

Elder Vaughan

PS. I no longer have a set of English scriptures, since I gave them away to Elder Muñoz, the Chilean. I just never really used them, and I gave it to him since he uses it more. So could you hook me up with some English scrips. I kinda like using the triple combination separate from the bible. So if you could please order me that so I have some scrips in our language when I am back there at church and stuff. Thanks.

PS2. I'm also wondering if all is set for my registration for college classes and stuff, I have no clue what's going on there. that's all, peace.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Starting from Zero, Help From Members & Progress


This week was somewhat interesting. First off last Monday we had the baptism of Eduardo, the only sad thing is that it technically doesn't count as my baptism since the area was divided and he is not on my side of things. Either way, it was a great baptism and I was glad I had the chance to teach him and help him prepare for the baptism. 

The other one we were hoping to baptize won't be able to because her parents don't want her to yet. So she will have to wait to be a little bit older to do that. Annoying, but whatever. We are still happy to have helped her in her spiritual progress, and we will continue visiting to encourage her.

Other than that, I am really annoyed with my side of the area, because it is the side that Elder Caballero and I hardly ever worked in, so really we had to start from zero. But, whatever, we are really trying to get the members going and working with them, because most of them are straight up dead. The family that is supposedly "helping" the other girl get baptized, they don't come to church with her because they have to go to the beach every Sunday to swim and some other very important activities. Nothing is more annoying than members that don't help us after we do everything for them. 

Other than them there are some good members here, and they are helping us and things are really starting to get going here. It will be cool to see the progress in this mission in the years to come.

That's about all for now. I hope you all have a good week. Until next time!

Love, Elder Vaughan

Monday, April 7, 2014

Elder L., No Room For Noobs & 18 verses 19 year olds


Well this week was interesting. Me and Elder Caballero are still in La Pacifica, but they sent us two more missionaries, dividing the area in two. My comp is now Elder Llamacponcca, seriously, good luck with pronouncing that one. He's from Peru. Elder Caballero is now with Elder Ponce on the other side of the area. The four of us are living in a tiny house, while trying to find a new one. Nobody warned us that they were going to divide the area until a few hours before our new companions showed up in our area. So this week has been pretty nuts, looking for house and all, sleeping like dogs on the floor ha ha. That's the mission. 

We are really running out of places to put all the missionaries that are coming in. There are hardly any wards or branches that only have one companionship of missionaries. We are running out of places to put the missionaries. Our area was already super small, and now its even smaller. So that will be fun working this tiny area.

I cant believe that it is registering time again for school. I was wondering if it what classes would be necessary to redo and which ones not. I plan on spending a decent amount of time this summer studying my text books to get back up to speed on mainly the Math and the CS classes. Let me know what kind of schedule you get set up for me!

About the choice of serving at 18 or 19 years old... It's a toss up. Really, I am glad I came at 19, rather than 18. There are pros and cons for both. Waiting another year would give Jesse more time to prepare spiritually and stuff. Which is a huge advantage. A lot of 18 y.o. missionaries come here and simply aren't ready, because mom and dad pushed them out the door. But Either way, they learn on the mission. The biggest downside of going at 19 is having to do a year of school, then forget the stuff you learn, but I don't think that will be that hard anyways. Personally for me, I prefer leaving at 19 years. But if Jesse is ready, go ahead and boot him out. That is a choice he needs to make though. Good luck with that. 

Well... That's all I have time for now. I hope you all have an awesome week! 

Love Elder Vaughan

PS -- Thanks mom for taking care of my school junk!  You're the best

PS2 -- Is Mother's Day the Sunday before I go home? because if so, we will get another Skype call before I come home! :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Baptisms Pending, Taught a Lesson on a Roof & Six Weeks Left

Hello World...

It's hard to believe that another week has gone by. Really, I don't even feel time anymore. It is the weirdest thing. Other people who were missionaries before can probably relate.

This week was slightly disappointing, we were expecting two of our investigators to be baptized, but for logistic issues and other things. But the good thing is that they are ready to be baptized and all, so on April 12 we plan on doing that baptism. So yeah, that will be cool.

One of those two investigators is named Eduardo, and he is the nephew of the 1st counselor of the branch. We have been teaching him for two weeks and he is all ready to be baptized. The other day we helped them with a service project, replacing the roofing on their house. Unfortunately the project took most of the day because the people delivering the roofing material showed up late and all, but in the late afternoon we finished. So we decifed to just teach Eduardo the last lesson since we were already there. We just so happened to be on the roof of the house, when we decided to just teach him the lesson on the roof. I can see the mission president doing a huge facepalm to that, but it was funny, and believe it or not, a very spiritual lesson!

Well, this week is the change meeting, I don't know if I will have changes or not, I doubt it, but who knows. That means there are only 6 more weeks left and then I will be home. That's weird. I have the weirdest feeling of being super excited and super sad, knowing that I will probably never see this place or most of the people I know here again. But yeah. That's that.

I don't have much else to report for now. I hope you all have a great week. Talk to you all next time!

Love, Elder Vaughan

Monday, March 24, 2014

Usual Challenges, Don't Over-Complicate Missionary Work & Opportunities Will Be Presented

Now that I am towards the end of my mission, I am finding it hard to find new or interesting things to say! Things are great here, there are always the usual challenges here in the stuff, but nothing new. So far, it looks like we will be having two baptisms for April, they are pretty solidly committed and everything, so hopefully all will go well.
Mom, you asked if I had an official release date, I am still guessing May 15th, because May 14th will be the transfer day, then the flight will be the following day. The fact is that this is my 15th change, the next will be the 16th change, making it my last. But, just in case, I sent an email to the office, asking for the official day so you can make plans or whatever.
Really, I don't have much else to say... My mind is drawing the biggest blank ever.
I can really relate to what Dad was saying about the missionary work in the ward. Too many people here (members and other missionaries) overcomplicate missionary work. Its really not complicated, we just need to work like missionaries have always done, and the members need to be the missionaries best friends and be good friends to everyone else. That's really it, if people do that then the opportunities will present themselves to share the gospel!
That is unfortunately all that have to share for now, maybe this week will be more interesting for me here. I hope you all have a great week, don't get caught in any mudslides or anything.

Love Elder Vaughan

Monday, March 17, 2014

Elder Scott Visits the Mission, Our Branch is Growing & Trunky vs. Baggy

Good Day,
This was kind of an interesting week for us here, I don't know where to start really... Yesterday was stake conference, every stake in central america had theirs yesterday. The reson being was for a special transmission from a few general authorities. Did you know that Richard G Scott can speak Spanish?? He spoke Spanish in the whole thing while the others had translators. His gringo accent was hardly noticeable really. It was a good stake conference and all.
In our branch here, we are preparing for some future changes, the main one would be the new church they are building for the branch, which will soon be a ward. Our attendace is around 80 or 90 each week. So there's only a little improvement to do so that we become a ward, and when that happens they will begin construction on the new building. The new building will be so cool because it is literally in the center of the area and has a huge piece of land and it is visible from everywhere. Right now they have us going to a building that is a 20 minute bus ride away, so as you can imagine that makes it a nightmare to take investigators to church. We even offer to pay a taxi for our investigators, but they can be pretty tough to get to church.
The good thing is that once the new church is built within a few years, it will be way easier to take people to church. But for now, we will continue taking the bus.
Dad, I think it's funny how you say "Trunky" when you talk about a missionary being ready to go home. For some reason here we say "Baggy", but it's all the same really. I could be baggy right now if I felt like it, but I try to pretend I'm a greenie still. I can get baggy when I am on the plane.
Dad, I can't imagine how cold that Lake Stevens water felt when you jumped in with your clothes on in a dare. When it gets under 80 degrees here I shiver. So... well... That will be cool to see what happens in May when I get home ha ha! Way to go Dad, seeing the white house dog, Its kinda weird that you were there in DC, it's so far away from home. Even though El Salvador is super tiny (smaller than Massachusetts), I feel like its so big sometimes, but it really isn't. It probably takes 5 hours or more to get from the east border to the west border.
Well that's all I have for now! I hope you have an awesome week everyone!

Love Elder Vaughan

Monday, March 10, 2014

Kickboxing Companion Saves Woman From Harm, Cell Phones & Awesome Faith

Good day,

This week was a pretty memorable week, for some interesting things that happened. Lets start with the most fun part. 

Last Monday after p-day ended (at 6 pm) we went to go see an investigator Yeimi (pronounced Jaime) and as we were walking up the road, we noticed an angry sir who was yelling at the mother of Yeimi. He was obviously drunk. When we were about 10 meters away from where he was, and he chased the lady, with the intention of beating the pupusas out of her, yelling lots of swearwords. Luckily the lady closed the gate behind her, but he was pushing the gate to get in and beat her up. The lady's son came up behind him to restrain him, but he received an elbow to the face, then my companion (who just so happened to practice kickboxing and martial arts before the mission) put the drunk in a lock and was able to calm him down and talk. 

We were then standing in the street listening to this drunk cry about his life for about 5 minutes, while the lady hid in the house and called the cops. The cops finally arrived and while we were talking to him (trying to keep him calm, since he was a large powder keg ready to explode), three officers pinned the dude to the ground and took him away. It was awesome. Ok, sad that the whole thing happened, but awesome because my adrenaline levels haven't been that high in a long time. 

Well, other than that the only other cool thing is that we now have cell phones here. Honestly, a cell phone is the most useful tool a missionary can have. We have only had them for a few days, and I am already loving it for so many reasons. We have wasted so much time before for not being able to communicate with people or other missionaries. Seriously, I cant believe I missioned for 21 months without one. Ok, I did have one in the office, but I hated it because people only called me to ask for money. It's so awesome.

Well, most of what I said has nothing to do with anything to do with the work. Just so you know, one of our best investigators is Carlos (original name, huh?). But he has cancer, and unfortunately does not have many months left in this life, but the great thing is his desire to change and follow Christ is ginormous. Hopefully April 5th he will be ready to be baptized. For the pain that cancer causes Carlos has to buy a very expensive medication that he cannot afford, and so his only other option to calm the pain was (you guessed it) medicinal weed!!! :D But when we taught the word of wisdom, he was sad to hear he couldnt take that kind of herb anymore, but was more than willing to leave it behind. That's an awesome faith!.

Well thats my week in a nutshell. Have a fantastic week! I love you! :)

Elder Vaughan

Monday, March 3, 2014

Stressful Annoyances, Big Earthquake & Being in Good Hands


This week was honestly kind of stressful. Between all the interchanges with other areas and what not, I'm kinda tired. I am glad to be working hard and to have this chance to serve and all. But my biggest annoyance right now is feeling like all the missionaries are a bunch of kids who don't know anything. But that's okay. I just wish that people could treat me more adult like, because I still feel like a little kid sometimes ha ha.

Well, good to hear that Lokey is back on his feet. That dude is quite the trooper. I seriously thought he would be gone by the time I get back, well it's still possible, but whatever.

I think it would be cool to use my Spanish skills in work, if at all possible. I would just have to really polish my vocabulary for lighting and decorating products, that is something that they didn't teach in the MTC.

Umm, everything else is well here. Two nights ago, according to my companion there was a big earthquake in the middle of the night. I didn't feel a thing. He said he felt his bed being tossed side to side. I guess I am just a heavy sleeper. Our area is actually pretty darn close to the volcano, all day we see the thing seeping out smoke. Its kind of intimidating, but whatever. If something were to happen, we are in good hands. 

That's all I can think of for now. All is well. I hope you all have a great week!

Love Elder Vaughan

Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to the Volcano, District Leader & Sickness

Hello again,

Well I got changed yet again, I thought I would stay in Santa Rosa de Lima for the rest of my mission. But I was wrong! Now I am in San Miguel again, but in an area called La Pacifica, its small neighborhood on the outskirts of San Miguel. Not to mention the closeness to the volcano, I am even closer than ever :) So if it erupts again, Ill be the first to know ;)

My new companion, well, isn't exactly new to me. its Elder Caballero from Argentina. Does that name look familiar to you? He was in the trio with me and Elder Wyatt a bit ago in San Miguel, and here we are again (just without elder Wyatt this time).

Oh, and I am district leader, which is kind of cool but annoying at the same time. There are a total of 13 missionaries in my district, and the zone leaders want me to do 3 intercambios a week with each area, which sucks, because that leaves me no time to know my own area and get things done. The zone leaders want me to be the district police, which is NOT why I am here. I trust the missionaries and know that they are doing things right. I don't feel it necessary to do so many interchanges with them. I'll just ask president to see what he thinks on the situation, because whenever there are new zone leaders, sometimes they go do crazy things that don't make sense.

Oh, almost forgot. I got sick on Friday. That was not fun. Crazy case of mustard diarrhea, and vomit. It was horrible, but its over now. All I have now are some light headaches. The coolest things about the resurrection is that we won't ever get sick. Because spending all day on a toilet is not fun.

Umm... That's about all I have for now. Things are good here. I don't know much about my area yet since I spent the greater part of Friday and Saturday on a toilet. 

I'm pretty excited for USU with Chris this fall. It will be cool. Who knows what crazy ness we will do!

Be sure to congratulate Jenni Domski for BSU winning the Western Champions thing in swim!

That's all I have for today! Have an awesome week.

Love Elder Vaughan

Monday, February 17, 2014

Chronic Disease of Inactivity, Giving It All We Got & Cars Are A Luxury


Now this week, was pretty average. We are fighting hard against the chronic disease of inactivity in the church. Neither of our recent baptisms showed up to church (Ismael and Miguel). Who knows why, but it is a trend I have seen my whole mission here. People get baptized and they disappear. We are really going to give it our all with our most recent converts so that that same thing doesn't happen to them! That would be the explanation of why there are 500 members in Santa Rosa de Lima, but only 30-50 attend weekly.

By the way, its good to see Lokey is still alive, I was wondering if he was still around, how old it he? I imagined that he would die of old age during my mission. what a trooper!

Also this week are changes, the fact that I just got here means that I probably will not have changes. But my companion will probably be sent to a new area. But, who knows?

Seriously dad? A car for more than half of your mission? Lucky. Was that for leadership positions, or just for having a huge area and having to travel a lot? When I was in the office we traveled in bus daily about 1.5 - 2 hours. We begged and begged for a car, but we never got it because a couple years ago the office secretaries totaled one they had. Two changes after I left the office, President gave the office missionaries a Toyota Hilux pickup. Talk about bad luck huh? That would have been cool.

Well time is up, and I must be going! Have an awesome week family!

Elder Vaughan

PS: Jesse wants me to do a wilderness survival thing with him when I get back, sounds cool. but I don't know If I will be able to because I don't know how my schedule will be.... I don't know haha peace!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Baptism, Faith of a Child & No Pics

Hello again,

Yet again, another week has passed. The highlight would have to be the baptism we had with Ismael, he is a little kid whose father passed away when he was littler, but his grandma has taken him to church and now he was ready to be baptized! Ismael shared his testimony after being baptized, and it was so cool to see such great faith in a little kid. Adults are the stupid ones who doubt, and don't believe in the simple doctrinal principles. I feel like kids have more faith than most other people, and its really cool to see.

For next month we have a couple potential baptisms coming up. Hopefully all goes well with that. 

Sounds cool with all the wall smashing that is going on in the office and warehouse building. In a few years there wont be anymore walls to bust down, you will have to start building new walls. ha ha. Really, that's all I have to report for now. I would send pictures, but I left my camera in the house on accident, oops. Next time I will send you the pictures!

Have an awesome weekend family, until next time.

Elder Vaughan

Monday, February 3, 2014

Baptism, Presidential Elections & Elder Duncan of the Seventy


Well this week went well. First off, we had the baptism of Miguel, that was the highlight. The Sunday right after the confirmation, the president interviewed him and ordained him to the priesthood. It is good to see that kind of progress, now it looks like we will have help blessing and passing the sacrament from here on out.

Next week we have another baptism planned for Ismael, a little kid we are teaching. Hes a spaz, but we are equally excited for his baptism. Hopefully all goes well with that. 

Yesterday was the presidential elections of El Salvador. There were three main candidates, two of which are republicans, and one is communist. One republican lost so bad (just like the Denver Broncos) and the other two candidates did just about equally as well. So in March they will do another election to see how things play out with just two candidates. I think this will give the republican a greater chance of winning big time. This country could really use a good president to start fixing the many problems, but whatever, soon none of this will matter to me.

This Saturday, following the baptism of Ismael, we have a big fun activity planned for the branch, in the effort to bring back inactives and to bring in new people. hopefully all goes well!

Also this past week we had a zone conference with Elder Duncan from the 70, it was a great meeting, and a great chance to meet the man in person. When I mentioned where I was from, he knew exactly where Marysville was because he used to live in... Renton I think he said, I dont know. But it was a great meeting, I learned a lot about the importance of setting goals to be able to achieve great things.

Unfortunately, time is about up. I hope you all have a great week, talk to you next time!

Elder Vaughan

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pictures from Paradise, Elder Cook Visits & Good Problems to Have

My time to write is so short right now, because, well it is. All is well. I really wanted to send some pictures, but the slow loading makes it hard to write. 

First picture is me and Elder Wyatt, my previous companion. We visited the house of a member up in Perquin, in the mountains. The mountains behind us are actually part of Honduras.

The next one is of me and Elder Reynolds, his brother is the singer of Imagine Dragons. He is one of the first Elder Friends I have had since the MTC in provolone. 

Next, is me and my current companion, Elder Morales, he is from Ecuador. He is super funny and works real hard and all that.

Then the last one is a shot of the temple from the bus. It is super nice, partly because it is the nicest neighborhood in the whole country, and second of course because it is the temple. Such a pretty place.

We had a multi mission conference in  the temple stake center with Elder Quinten L Cook. It was a great conference. Lots of great things to learn from him. Lots of missionaries I knew before were left in the other mission when the division was made last summer, so it was good to see people I knew from back then.

Enjoy the pictures. The next two Saturdays we have baptisms planned, so hopefully all goes well with that. We are now on the hunt for new people to teach as the current investigators are becoming members, that's such a good problem to have!

Have a sick week in paradise.

Love Elder Vaughan

Monday, January 20, 2014

Drinking Water, Greasy Diet & Busy Sundays


First of with the disappointing news, Miguel couldn't get baptized because he had a small issue with coffee, but not to worry, we reprogrammed the baptism and all will go well. We also have a baptism planned for a kid Ismael, for the second Saturday in February. We have some other dates set up for February, hopefully all goes well.

Yeah, it is really hot here, but I just don't care anymore, I try not to pay attention to it, and even if I drink 2 liters of water in the morning my pee still comes out like applesauce. People here have so many problems with their Kidney health. Not just for lack of water, but for the greasy diet too. I hope I can figure out a cheap and tasty way to cook and eat healthy when I go to college. Being here has completely ruined my cooking skills, I don´t even know how to cook healthy anymore.

funny random thing, one of Jenni's home teacher dudes used to be one of my Zone Leaders in San Salvador nearly a year ago. Hes a cool dude. Just a funny small world moment realization.

Based on my predictions, I will come home on May 15th in the afternoon, that's whats most likely, but don't count on it until I get the itinerary.

The ward here is crazy, there is next to nobody in priesthood, yesterday I had to bless the sacrament, give a talk in sacrament meeting (because the speaker didn't show up), and teach elders quorum (because the teacher didn't show up). I feel like it will be like that every week, but things will improve.

Other than that, all is well as normal. I sure miss you all, and I hope you have a great week!  And hopefully President Wilcox can get better soon!

Love Elder Vaughan

PS. I almost forgot, but this week we have a multi mission conference with Elder Cook (yeah dude, the apostle) So I will let you know how that goes!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Santa Rosa de Lima, Summertime & Ecuador Companion

Hello World... again,

So this past week I got changes again, potentially the last area I will be in for my mission. I am in a place called Santa Rosa de Lima, in the department of La Unión. It is literally the farthest I could possibly be from the capital. Not to mention its the hottest place in the country. Remember in September when I complained about the extreme heat? Well, it got worse. I should have kept quite. Now the "summer" is about to begin at the end of February, so it will get even hotter, around 45 Celsius (which I think is really hot). The good thing is that we are farther from the volcano, so if it gets another case of diarrhea, we should be okay.

My new companion is Elder Morales from Ecuador. He is really awesome, maybe I will get a picture with him soon to show you. 

The branch we are in is probably one of the worst in the country, with an average attendance of 40 people on Sundays. Its bad. There are 2 priesthood holders, and 38 relief society. It's messed up. 

Other than the sad branch, we have a baptism planned for Miguel this coming Saturday, hopefully all goes well there.

I am really excited to be here in this new area, where it is obvious that a lot of work needs to be done.

I hope you all had a great week and that all continues going well in the business and in school.

Love Elder Vaughan

Monday, January 6, 2014

Calm After the Volcano, Frosty Trees & Perquin P-Day

Well, this week was pretty calm to be honest, after the volcano thing, its hard to come up with anything that's more interesting than that. So we came back to San Miguel on Tuesday in the afternoon, when we arrived there was still some smoke seeping out of the volcano pretty steadily. But we aren´t worried about that. The people who live in little towns right next to the volcano were evacuated for the fear of CO2 poisoning or something like that.

Things here in San Miguel are alright. The eruption was just a big adrenaline booster and repentance inducer (if you know what I mean). People say that it may erupt again, and maybe stronger, but I doubt it. The volcano looks way cool because the ash that is resting on the trees makes the volcano look frosty, which of course is ridiculous!

The good thing about this whole volcano evacuation thing is that when we were in SanSal the office dudes gave us our Christmas packages and letters. I just have to say that Elder Wyatt and I really enjoyed the packages (from you, Gma Suzi, and Gma Little) It was very kind and thoughtful of you all for sending that! I do have to say that the CDs you sent are awesome, we are really enjoying them! Thanks!

So today for pday, we are here in a little town called Perquin, which is up by the Honduras border, just to see some stuff and have an interesting pday in a cold place (since it is up in the mountains), we just got here and haven't seen anything cool yet, but we will. Lately we haven't done anything cool for pday, so here we are, ready for a good pday.

So this coming up Wednesday are the changes, I don´t know what will happen, but I am sure that Elder Wyatt and I will no longer be as a comp since we already have 3 changes together. Hes a cool dude, but I am starting to forget what it is like to have a different companion. So it will be interesting to have a change. Only three more changes to go!

That's about all for this week. Next week I will let you know how the changes go and all. I am excited to see what I can make of these last months here in this really hot place.

Thanks for all that you do for me, it means a lot!

Love Elder Vaughan