Monday, December 16, 2013

Trio No Mas, Working Hard & Psyched for Skype

Hello again!
Well this week was very interesting and disappointing at the same time. On Tuesday we went to President Glazier`s house for the Christmas celebration thing. That was really fun and all. Kind of redundant compared to last year`s celebration activities, just a bunch of deja vu and all that. When we got back on the bus to head back to San Miguel, President told Elder Caballero (our third comp) that he is getting changed, I don't know why. But I don`t care because now it is just me and Elder Wyatt in a duo again. That`s how it should be. I don`t know if you (Dad or Chris) ever had trios in the mission, but they are annoying. I hate them.
So this week was really lame. We worked really super hard. Harder than ever, and nothing happened. One of the more discouraging weeks of my mission. It makes us question ourselves if we are doing things right or not, which we are. It is just easy to doubt and be discouraged.
Part of the discouragement is that our investigators always move or disappear or other things like that! In the past 2 weeks two of our great investigators have moved to the states without warning. Hopefully some lucky Elders find them there.
The other annoying thing is how people like to reject us. I usually don`t get too bothered by being rejected, but this week was just not cool, an unusually large amount of people rejected us and it is annoying. But whatever. What matters is that we are working as hard as we can, doing everything that we know we should do, and things will eventually work out.
So the Skype call. We want to call on the 25th, but we are not positive. This week we are going to secure a location where we can call , since on the 25th the whole country will be on a nationwide hangover of epic proportions. So we may have to call on the 24th. We will see. Just be on standby on those two days. I will let you know on Monday to verify everything.
Well that is about all I have for today. Sorry my life tends to be very uninteresting, but that's the way it seems to be. I cant wait to call you all next week!

Love Elder Vaughan

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