Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Time is Near, Fireworks are Here & No Snow

How are you all doing? This has been an interesting week here, I don`t know where to start... People here are starting to gear up for Christmas time. Although Christmas here is not even close to Christmas back home. People here celebrate with lots and lots of fireworks! More than anything this Christmas season makes me really miss Independence Day!
Yesterday we went to the Christmas devotional, that was really nice. At first I was upset that I had to see it in Spanish, then I realized that I speak Spanish, so who cares. It was really nice.
So if it snows there, be sure to send me lots of pictures, to remember what it is like. Several years ago it snowed here in El Salvador, only at the tip of the highest mountain here, really a once in an eternity experience. So there is no hope here for that.
So Yesterday I got slightly mad at the youth, we had an investigator, Kevin, in the young men's class, and the teacher asked Kevin when he was going to be baptized, and he mentioned that "he was baptized last year in another church" all the young men burst out in laughter at him. Here we have Sacrament meeting after the two other classes, so Kevin didn't even stick around for the Sacrament, I hope he didn't feel too embarrassed. Me and my comps had to "machete" the youth a little bit, or lovingly correct their actions. It is always remember to important to behave in church so that outsiders don't feel like.. outsiders!
Well that is about all that I have for now. I am sending out some mail today for you family, hopefully you get it soon. I am so excited for tomorrow because it is the Christmas party with President Glazier in his house, so tomorrow we will be waking up super early so we can be there at 8AM sharp! I am excited.
I am missing you all this Christmas season already, We are still working on finding where we will be doing the Skype call, so I will let you know the time and date, most likely on the 25th. I cant wait!
Here are some pictures...
The one is with E. Caballero, Wyatt and me with our ward mission leader and his son Chele who just left on the mission in Ecuador.

The others are of us messing around on a Nacho Libre bike. Coolest bike ever.

Love Elder Vaughan

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