Monday, October 28, 2013

Lamanite Tribute, Sick Companion & Great Ward Mission Leader

Wow, I just have to say that the warehouse is pretty huge, I didn't realize that you had done so much stuff there in such short time... well I guess that I have been gone a while. It is so good to see all the progress that is going on there in these days. It is good to see that the business is prospering. Speaking of business, I was reading Mosiah 18, when the lamanites are controlling the people of Limhi and what not. The Lamanites put a 50% tax or "tribute" on the people of all the things they owned and gained. That "tribute" is still here in El Salvador. The gangsters go to all of the businesses and charge them an obligatory tax between 20 and 50%, and if you don't pay it you can be hurt or killed by the bad dudes. It's crazy. Even like the Burger Kings pay this tribute to the gangs because they have such control over the people here. its sad.
Well, that was random. This week has been alright, Elder Wyatt was sick this week, so it was hard to work when he needed a baƱo every 15 minutes. He is much better now so that we can get stuff done this week.
Right now we are just focusing on getting more investigators to teach. That is going great and our new ward mission leader is a great help to us here. Hes a sweet dude. He owns a huge cosmetics school with about 400 students and he makes bank. 

Well I don't have much time right now because we only have half an hour today to write.

I love you. Have a fantastic week!


Elder Vaughan

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