Monday, October 21, 2013

Gavidia Ward, Rescue Trio & Metallica

Hello Mom and Dad,
I am not sure what email addresses you are currently using since you changed the company one, so I am sending this to all of them, hopefully you get this. 
I have been getting your letters, even though they were sent to the other mission office, I know the guys there and they are nice enough to send the stuff back to my mission office. Just so we are clear I am in the El Salv San Salv EAST mission, but I am sure you have that figured out by now!
The last letter I got from you was the one mentioning that you were expecting a container from China with product. I hope that all went well with that, and that you will be able to continue that in the future. I am kind of curious as to how the warehouse has changed since I have been gone! Could you maybe send me some pictures of it? I would be interested to see that.
So as of me I am still here in San Miguel, the place that is as hot as hell, right. Still with Elder Wyatt from Logan Utah. We are pretty much kicking butt here. When I got here the area was for the most part dead, in terms of investigators, none were progressing, and in terms of members, they did nothing. The ward we are in is called Gavidia. It has the lowest church attendance in pretty much the whole oriental part of the country, for a ward that is. On average 80 people attend a week on Sunday.
We share this ward with a trio of sister missionaries who are specifically assigned to the "rescue" of the inactive members. Although the sisters are still missionaries and teach the investigators they have along with the references people give them, their main focus is on teaching and reactivating the inactive members. So Elder Wyatt and I can now focus our all on investigators!
Lately we have found some really great investigators here by our own efforts (since members don't help too much). The other day we were teaching William, an 18 year old kid who in super big and buff, and loves  Metallica and what not. His mom was there asking us if Metallica was bad and the two of them pretty much broke out in argument between each other about it. We settled it for them by suggesting that he buy some head phones so that she doesn't have to put up with his music. On Friday, William introduced us to a friend of his who we started talking to and has obviously been prepared by God to receive the gospel. He was pretty much quoting the Book of Mormon even though he has never read it before. He's a cool guy.
We also know another friend of William, who's name is Bani, he used to be a crack dealer in LA and got deported for it, he is actually a really cool guy because he gives us more referrals than the members in this ward do. He's a cool dude.

So... I think that is all I had to say for now... yeah. I am probably forgetting something here... oh well... there's always another pday! I am pretty close to the end of the mission now, this is my 12th change, only 4 more to go after this!

Well I hope that you all have a great week, I love you!
Love Elder Vaughan

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