Monday, September 9, 2013

Transferred to San Miguel, Comp From Logan & Fire and Brimstone

Hello Family,

How have you been? So right now I am in a new area! On the fourth of this month I was transferred from La Palma to San Miguel. San Miguel is the second biggest city in El Salv, it is really ghetto and all. Oh, and it's hot as hell, literally. That way it's not a swear word because it is a literal comparison to the place called Hell. But really, people say it's the hottest city in Central America, tied with Panama City. In the first couple few days in San Miguel I drank 2 liters of water a day, no joke, my pee still would come out like applesausce. That is how much we sweat here! Another hellish feature is the dirt/rock roads, most of our area is dirty, rocky roads. The funny thing is most of the roads consist of black volcanic rock/sand that is so hot you can feel it through the shoes. So with the fiery sun and the black lava rock gives San Miguel that hellish "Fire and Brimstone" feel.

By the way, I am with Elder Wyatt from Logan, Utah. He is fresh out of his traning. Actually, he is the D.L. now, so I have the honor of teaching him how to be a good District Leader, when I have zero experience doing that. It's hard also because his Spanish isn't too good. It is so hard working with a comp whose Spanish isn't too great. Fun.

So, right now in my mission I feel like I am at the best part, where I am more than halfway done and I have many experiences that make everything easier. I feel like I have really gotten way better at teaching lessons with the Spirit. That has been hard, but I realized now that it is way more natural to teach with the Spirit. It's great!

It may be a while until I get your mail since San Miguel is really far from the mission office. Thanks for all of your help! :) I love you.

Love, Elder Vaughan

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