Monday, September 23, 2013

Flor de Jamaica, Logan Preemie & Thrift Shop

Dear Vaughan Family,

How are you all doing? I'm sure it's the usual answers such as "great" or "busy", those are great attributes for a family! I imagine that business is good. I really like the new company name, it makes you all sound like such sirs.

So P-Day was awesome. The Zone Leaders surprised us with a Disney movie, "Tangled" because we are an awesome zone, seriously. It was cool to see a movie besides all the church ones. We then played soccer for a bit.

After those fun activities we went to "Burrito Mexican Grill," the only Ameri-Mexi restaurant I have experienced in this country. I also ordered a strawberry lemonade, also the only straw-lemon I have had in a long time, seriously. It's been too long. Mom, please make me a straw-Lemon, I would appreciate it, I love you! I'll have to make you all some juices that we drink here, my personal favorite is called "Flor de Jamaica" which means flower of Jamaica. It's a red flower that you boil in water, add sugar and serve cold. It's awesome, you don't even know!

You want to know something cool? When Chris was sending me those blog entries last year around the start of the school year, he sad, "I met a lot of awesome freshmen, mostly 'premies'," and later said, "I went to 'The Taste of Logan' with a carload of buddies." Well, the cool thing is that my companion, Elder Geoffry Lincoln Wyatt was one of those preemies that was in the carload of buddies. Crazy right? Do you remember that guy, Chris? Tall, short hair, slight receding hairline? Ring any bells? Well, even if you don't remember him he kinda remembers you. Flippin nuts. Small world bro.

Well, things are going well here, the work keeps moving on. I really feel like I have learned a ton of new skills and stuff. Things that'll for sure increase the awesomeness of my life! I am so ready to kick butt when I get home.

Oh random. So there's supposedly a new song called "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore, some vulgar singer. And the song came on in the Mexican restaurant and we coulding stop laughing at the fact that the song swears a ton and was being played in a public place with children and stuff. Hilarious because only us Gringos understood it. You would never hear music like that in a family restaurant in the U.S. I still have that song stuck in my head, it's so dang catchy with the funky-sounding sax part.

Well, that's life. Imma hit the hay! I love you all so much!


Elder Joshua Vaughan

P.S.: I bought a machete today to cut our grass. It's awesome!

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