Monday, September 16, 2013

Challenge Met, Kick-Butt Spanish & Independence Day

Dear Mom and Dad,

Another week in San Miguel is done! The sun is blazing and time sure is flying by! This week was great! Our zone leaders challenged us to place five new baptismal dates with investigators, we got nine new ones, making 10 total potential baptisms within the next 2 months! We're excited for these next few months. We have some investigators who are really having to repent of big things, it is cool being a part of that. I like where I am at in my mission, I can teach with the spirit in the lessons, I kick butt at Spanish and we're kicking butt in missionary work. Not trying to brag, but my Spanish is better than most of the other Gringos here. Okay, I'm bragging, so deal with it ;). Don't worry, I'm usually humble, I just thought you'd be proud of my progress.

So yesterday was Independence Day here again. It's always Sept. 15th in most of Central America. People hardly went to church since there were a bunch of parades and stuff to celebrate the day's festivities.

I like this area, the people are so nice and give us a ton of good food to eat. We get well treated here! One of the things I need to improve on as a missionary is working out, exercising. Don't worry, I'm not fat. But my Papusa-Pack has grown a bit. I'll work on that one, okay? Well, I hope all is well in Gringolandia. I love you a ton, let me know how you are all doing, okay? Until next time.


Elder Vaughan

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