Monday, September 23, 2013

Flor de Jamaica, Logan Preemie & Thrift Shop

Dear Vaughan Family,

How are you all doing? I'm sure it's the usual answers such as "great" or "busy", those are great attributes for a family! I imagine that business is good. I really like the new company name, it makes you all sound like such sirs.

So P-Day was awesome. The Zone Leaders surprised us with a Disney movie, "Tangled" because we are an awesome zone, seriously. It was cool to see a movie besides all the church ones. We then played soccer for a bit.

After those fun activities we went to "Burrito Mexican Grill," the only Ameri-Mexi restaurant I have experienced in this country. I also ordered a strawberry lemonade, also the only straw-lemon I have had in a long time, seriously. It's been too long. Mom, please make me a straw-Lemon, I would appreciate it, I love you! I'll have to make you all some juices that we drink here, my personal favorite is called "Flor de Jamaica" which means flower of Jamaica. It's a red flower that you boil in water, add sugar and serve cold. It's awesome, you don't even know!

You want to know something cool? When Chris was sending me those blog entries last year around the start of the school year, he sad, "I met a lot of awesome freshmen, mostly 'premies'," and later said, "I went to 'The Taste of Logan' with a carload of buddies." Well, the cool thing is that my companion, Elder Geoffry Lincoln Wyatt was one of those preemies that was in the carload of buddies. Crazy right? Do you remember that guy, Chris? Tall, short hair, slight receding hairline? Ring any bells? Well, even if you don't remember him he kinda remembers you. Flippin nuts. Small world bro.

Well, things are going well here, the work keeps moving on. I really feel like I have learned a ton of new skills and stuff. Things that'll for sure increase the awesomeness of my life! I am so ready to kick butt when I get home.

Oh random. So there's supposedly a new song called "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore, some vulgar singer. And the song came on in the Mexican restaurant and we coulding stop laughing at the fact that the song swears a ton and was being played in a public place with children and stuff. Hilarious because only us Gringos understood it. You would never hear music like that in a family restaurant in the U.S. I still have that song stuck in my head, it's so dang catchy with the funky-sounding sax part.

Well, that's life. Imma hit the hay! I love you all so much!


Elder Joshua Vaughan

P.S.: I bought a machete today to cut our grass. It's awesome!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Challenge Met, Kick-Butt Spanish & Independence Day

Dear Mom and Dad,

Another week in San Miguel is done! The sun is blazing and time sure is flying by! This week was great! Our zone leaders challenged us to place five new baptismal dates with investigators, we got nine new ones, making 10 total potential baptisms within the next 2 months! We're excited for these next few months. We have some investigators who are really having to repent of big things, it is cool being a part of that. I like where I am at in my mission, I can teach with the spirit in the lessons, I kick butt at Spanish and we're kicking butt in missionary work. Not trying to brag, but my Spanish is better than most of the other Gringos here. Okay, I'm bragging, so deal with it ;). Don't worry, I'm usually humble, I just thought you'd be proud of my progress.

So yesterday was Independence Day here again. It's always Sept. 15th in most of Central America. People hardly went to church since there were a bunch of parades and stuff to celebrate the day's festivities.

I like this area, the people are so nice and give us a ton of good food to eat. We get well treated here! One of the things I need to improve on as a missionary is working out, exercising. Don't worry, I'm not fat. But my Papusa-Pack has grown a bit. I'll work on that one, okay? Well, I hope all is well in Gringolandia. I love you a ton, let me know how you are all doing, okay? Until next time.


Elder Vaughan

Monday, September 9, 2013

Transferred to San Miguel, Comp From Logan & Fire and Brimstone

Hello Family,

How have you been? So right now I am in a new area! On the fourth of this month I was transferred from La Palma to San Miguel. San Miguel is the second biggest city in El Salv, it is really ghetto and all. Oh, and it's hot as hell, literally. That way it's not a swear word because it is a literal comparison to the place called Hell. But really, people say it's the hottest city in Central America, tied with Panama City. In the first couple few days in San Miguel I drank 2 liters of water a day, no joke, my pee still would come out like applesausce. That is how much we sweat here! Another hellish feature is the dirt/rock roads, most of our area is dirty, rocky roads. The funny thing is most of the roads consist of black volcanic rock/sand that is so hot you can feel it through the shoes. So with the fiery sun and the black lava rock gives San Miguel that hellish "Fire and Brimstone" feel.

By the way, I am with Elder Wyatt from Logan, Utah. He is fresh out of his traning. Actually, he is the D.L. now, so I have the honor of teaching him how to be a good District Leader, when I have zero experience doing that. It's hard also because his Spanish isn't too good. It is so hard working with a comp whose Spanish isn't too great. Fun.

So, right now in my mission I feel like I am at the best part, where I am more than halfway done and I have many experiences that make everything easier. I feel like I have really gotten way better at teaching lessons with the Spirit. That has been hard, but I realized now that it is way more natural to teach with the Spirit. It's great!

It may be a while until I get your mail since San Miguel is really far from the mission office. Thanks for all of your help! :) I love you.

Love, Elder Vaughan

Monday, September 2, 2013

8.5 Months Left, Missing Carpet & Crazy Stories to Tell

Hello Family,

Hey, how's it going? Can you really believe that it's September...again?? At this rate I'll be back soon, only like 8.5 months left! Crazy how fast time is going! My companion, Elder Webster, is going back home in about six weeks, so if I don't have changes he will be the first missionary that I get to "kill". I am kinda jealous that he's going home because it would be so cool NOT to be in this country! I miss carpet. I haven't seen any carpet in a very, very long time, never thought I would miss that stuff! There are so many things I wish I didn't have to deal with or see. Like annouying drunks in the streets, or random dead guys in the streets.  Things like that make me not feel at home, even though I've been here a while! Honestly, I have seen at least one dead guy with almost every companion.

Even though I sometimes wish I wasn't in this country, I am more than glad to be helping in His marvelous work! All the crazy things about this place will just make crazy stories when I get back.

This country really is a dark and sinful place but I love seeing how the Gospel can be a light to the good people in this country!

Well, I hope that all is going great back at home with everything, I love you all. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Vaughan