Friday, July 12, 2013

San Marcos Earthquake, Dog Bite & Socialized Medicine

Hello people!
Well, its Friday again. Time is kind of passing by fast here. It is so weird to me that my time in the mission office is already closing to an end. It feels like last week when I first got to the mission office and all that. But I am ready to move on! I have until August 7th to train Elder Andreasen in the office and all that, then from there I will be a normal missionary in some other part! This change is short (only 4 weeks) which is weird, but I will be here training for 6 weeks with Elder Andreasen. So I will have changes two weeks into the other change!
Well, last Sunday there was an earthquake here in El Salv., a 5.6 on the scale, and the epicenter was in San Marcos, like a 5 minute walk from my house here. We were probably in the worst place possible for the earthquake, in those 6 story tall cinder block apartments that are falling apart. But nothing happened. Just a good shake that gave us all a good scare! It was really crazy because I heard all of the buildings shaking before I could even feel the movements. crazy stuff.
So this week has really been a crazy mix of unfortunate events. First was that small quake. Then two nights ago a dang dog bit my leg. We were in this neighborhood on the side of a big hill, that has a ton of small passageways going up and sideways and wherever. Me and my comp were climbing up a solid stretch of 300 stairs and then 6 wild dogs appeared in the middle of our path and started barking. In my mission I really just don´t get scared by dogs because in my experience they have never bothered me, until now. So I ignored them and kept walking upwards. Once I passed them one of them snuck up behind me and bit the back of my thigh. I immediately turned around and almost punted the pooch down the stairs, but it just ran off.
Yes, now you are wondering if the dog has rabies. I doubt it. But just to be precautious and all that, I went this morning to the local clinic to have a consult with the doc and maybe get a rabies shot. So we went. The government in this country is highly socialist. The service was terrible. terrible. terrible. There were about 200 people waiting in the clinic to be attended to, and in the one hour I waited, 2 people were attended to. So, do the math. The medical services are free there (socialism remember?) so that is why I was instructed to go there. But after I write we are going to find another place that will do it whatever the cost may be.
But yeah. It is really almost 100% positive I don´t have rabies because a doctor checked me up yesterday and the fact that my pants nor my garments were punctured, and that the bite is small, it really is not possible. But I will go for the shot just to be sure right?
I hope that doesn´t freak you out. I am fine, I´m not foaming at the mouth or hallucinating either. I am great! :) Umm.. so yesterday we had interviews with President Glazier, which I always look forward to. At the start of my mission I used to be nervous for them, but now I kinda look forward to them because he always teaches me great stuff to help me out!
Well that's my week! It has been crazy but exciting as usual. I am happy for pday. I don´t know exactly what we are going to do yet. but we will see.

Love Elder Vaughan

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