Friday, July 19, 2013

More on Socialized Medicine, Tying Up Loose Ends & Last Days in the Mission Office

Hello Again,
So this week was better than the last, in terms of earthquakes and dogs. So this week my adventure for finding the rabies vaccine has continued. Still so success. I went to the clinic one day do go through a consult, which I had already done beforehand, but they made me wait for hours to get a consult with a doc. The doc said that I should go get the shots, so when I went to get the shots the nurse in charge of them said they didn't have the one for rabies and that they would call me when they have it. So I have gone back a few times to check if they have it or not, and they haven't. Yay socialism.

You may ask, "Why don't you go to a private clinic or hospital for this vaccine?", great question. That would be because the government wants it to be only available in their govt clinics so that they can keep accurate statistics on when, where and how much of the vaccine they distribute. But it has taken them a week now to just get the vaccine to the clinic, and I am still waiting for it. But not to worry. I am 100 percent sure I didn't get rabies because the bite was just not even bad at all, just left me a big bruise.
So this has been the first time in my life that I have been on the receiving end of socialism, and it sucks. I have wasted hours (that I don`t have) in that clinic all for a vaccine that they haven't even been able to give me yet. The sad thing is that it isn't even available in any other private clinic, pharmacy or hospital. Dumb. I hope that I never again have to participate on either end of socialism because both ends, "rich" and poor, end up getting nothing great in the end. So yeah. Watch our for that obamacare stuff. sketchy.
Okay, so in other news, this week has been fairly uneventful. More being in the office and dealing with aftershock of the mission division. There are just a ton of loose ends to tie up and things to do to be able to help Elder Gonzalez, the financial guy in the other mission`s office. Fun stuff right.
So right now I only have about 2 weeks or so left in the office. It is exciting. I love doing the office work, there is something satisfying about getting stuff done here. The thing I don't like is having to be responsible in missionary work and the office. So once I am out in the field working as normal, I will be so happy to leave half of the stress behind and focus 100% in the missionary work. Naturally, as an office Elder, the number of lessons in a day, and baptisms and all those numbers that are typically used to measure a missionaries success, tend to be lower than other missionaries. It will be cool to kick that up into gear.
Well my comp Elder Andreasen is doing great in the office, he is ready to take on the office stuff on his own in a couple weeks. It is so weird because I feel like I just started in here. Time just goes by so fast.
So today being pday, we have a couple fun things planned like grocery shopping and eating lunch with President. So today may be fun.
Take care and we will talk next week!

Love Elder Vaughan

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