Monday, July 15, 2013

Balancing Act, Officially Divided & Gangland

Happy 4th of July! I hope you all ate a ton of food and blew some stuff up for me! Yesterday was a normal day here. Here the Independence Day in most of Central America is the 15th of September, so maybe that day will be slightly more interesting for me!
As an office missionary a big challenge is balancing the time in between the office work and the missionary work in our areas. I think finally this change we are starting to work super effectively. In the past week we have received a ton of new references and new investigators. It is difficult balancing the time between the two places because the work is never done in the office, and it is definitely never done in our area either. So we are excited to be working with all of these new investigators we are finding.
So we were going to have a baptism this Saturday, but we decided that they are not quite ready. Maybe in the future weeks they will be ready to be baptized.
Right now the mission is officially divided and we are working as two separate offices. Now we are looking for a new office location for our mission. We are still in the same office, but the problem is that it is outside of our mission, so to get here everyday we have to leave our mission boundaries. The challenge is that all the safe areas are located in the other mission, so we haven't been able to find any good, safe places for the new offices.
Unfortunately the East mission (that I am in) has some of the most dangerous parts of the country such as Soyapango, Ilopango and Apopa. Those places are sketchy. My area is about medium on the dangerous scale. Some areas we don´t even go because they are infested with members of the 18 gang. They are rivals to the famous MS. I feel super strange talking about them now, its like Voldemort, you just don´t talk about the gang names here. Anyways, our ward mission leader lives in the heart of MS territory and he can't come to appointments with us because our side of the area is pure 18. So yeah, for that, it can be hard finding members to come to appointments and such.
But don´t worry, my area is super safe compared to others. Just hope I don´t go to Soyapango. There is an area in that zone called "La Campanera", the Elder´s house in that area is covered in MS13 graffiti on all the walls, super sketchy. I never want to go there!
Other than the dangerous areas that my mission has, I think it is a sweet mission because we have all of the east zones like San Vicente, Usulutan, San Miguel and La Union, over there are some of the best wards and staked in the country, it is where everyone wants to be! Other than the fact that San Miguel is the hottest city in the whole country. It would be cool to go there!

Well, that´s all for now. I hope that you all have a great weekend, Talk to you next time!

Elder Vaughan

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