Friday, June 28, 2013

Sad and Excited, Training a New Secretary & Learning Sign Language

So maybe in past weeks my emails have been kinda dull, because I felt like things were actually getting kinda dull here in the mission. But things are starting to get more interesting.
Wednesday was changes day, and I found out that I am now training a new financial secretary this change, and then the next change I am done with the office! I wasn't expecting to leave the office this change, which makes me kinda sad, but I am super excited at the same time!
First off, its kinda sad because I felt like I fit in well in the office, both with the people and doing the work. But I am content moving on to being a normal missionary. Sometimes in the office I just don´t feel like a missionary, it just feels like work which is weird. When I was first starting in the office I was so happy to spend the hottest hours of the day in an air conditioned office rather than walking around in the hot sun all day, but I am kinda excited to go back to the whole walking around all day thing, like a normal missionary!
So right now I am training for a period of 4 weeks (this change is only four weeks) and then I will be out of the office. It is crazy how fast time is going by. My companion is Elder Andreasen, from Redlands CA. He is doing great so far. This morning we had a meeting with the financial guy from Guatemala and my companion was participating and talking in the meeting as if he had been here for a long time. It was cool. So that meeting was all about getting us ready with our new bank account and transferring all of the files and what not to the other mission. Technically our mission (El Salv San Salv East) is the new one so we get all new stuff, which will be fun.
Since it has been changes week it was naturally hard to dedicate a lot of time to our area, but for this next coming up weekend we set a baptismal date for those deaf people we are teaching. It is super cool. We are learning the sign language well enough to teach them the lessons and all.
Well, that´s my week. Umm, stuff around here is always busy, but that's good, I am ready to enjoy my last weeks here in the office. I hope that you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Vaughan

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