Friday, June 21, 2013

Fever, 501 Things To Do & P-Day Not So Much

Hello again,

Well, another week has happened here. This week was not so hot since I kinda had a fever for a few days, but whatever. On top of that we have been super busy getting ready for the division in the mission and all that. Nothing too exciting going on. I am just exited for the division to be made already!

Like I said in one of the previous emails, we have been teaching a couple that is deaf, and we have been learning some sign language to be able to teach them. Since it has been hard to learn we haven´t been able to teach much, until now. A couple days we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which was a super spiritual lesson. They later on expressed their desire to be baptized and all that. We are excited for this chance to teach such a great couple the gospel.

Um.. well being in the office, having our pday on fridays is difficult because there are always 501 things that interrupt our pday activities, as if it were any other normal day. This morning we had to go to a zone meeting, so we spend a solid 2 hours of our pday in that stuff. It is just funny because at the end of each pday we don't even feel like we had a pday!

This next week is changes, the last changes meeting before the division, meaning that wherever the missionaries end up, is the mission they will continue in forever. So this week will be kinda.. well not stressful, just pretty intense. I am excited to see what happens.

Well I hope that you all have a great weekend. Talk to you next time!

Love Elder Vaughan

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