Friday, May 10, 2013

Packages, Baptism & Filth

Hello World.

So first off, thanks for the package Grandma Suzi. That was really great of you! Me and my companion are enjoying everything that was in there. And thanks Mom and Dad for the package as well. Me and my companion are enjoying that one as well. On Wednesday we will both be transferred to a new area (always working in the office) just a new area that is closer to the office. We hope that we will have a oven there to bake the b-day cake! And if not we can always make pancakes!

So this week we did have a baptism, for an older sister named Magdalena. She is a great faithful lady. It is funny because all of us missionaries joke around saying that she is more holy than us Elders!

So yeah, like I said, on Wednesday Elder Gonzalez and I will have changes to a new area to accommodate the division in the mission. We will be in a new area called "Miralvalle", well that's what we think at least. Being there will make the daily commute to the office much shorter. This area includes the richest neighborhoods in the country. It is where the mission president lives as well as the prez of El Salv (Mauricio Funes). So yeah, a big change from ghetto SanVic to here.

Well this Sunday we will be talking on Skype yet again!! I hope you have questions for me so that I can have something interesting to say. Dad told me that he and Chris went to Vegas for a couple days. He said that at the end of the two days there they were more than happy to be leaving that dirty place! I guess you can now somewhat understand how I feel here in this place. It really is so full of filth. Literal filth (garbage dirtiness) and sinful filth. Setting aside the nastiness of the gang activity here there is a ton of sin going on here. So many women are stuck raising families on their own because of unfaithful husbands, or maybe they didn`t even get married in the first place. With all the junk in this country, the church and all the good stuff the gospel gives us is a real piece of heaven for the people here. Whenever I catch a glimpse of the news its only talking about two things, one the violence and gang stuff, or two, the migration laws in the USA. The news is really depressing here in this country. You would probably be shocked if I were to tell you what the daily homicide rate is here. Whatever, it is what it is.

So I am excited for Mother's Day to talk to you all. I am sure that I will have more things to say when the moment comes! I hope that you all have a great weekend, I will see you soon!

Elder Joshua Vaughan

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