Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Little House, Rainy Season & Bowling

Hello again!

So yet again it is P-day. Thinking back on the week, I can't think of much to say, it is just kinda hard to remember what has been happening. Well this week we moved, I didn't have changes yet, we just moved to a new house nearby. Where we were living before we were in the mission "hotel", where all the Elders come and stay the night when they are just arriving or leaving the mission. So as a part of all this mission division stuff, we are getting a new "hotel" and a new office, and all sorts of new stuff. So I am still working in the ward San Ramón, but now living in a tiny house because soon us office missionaries will be transferred to a new area and in San Ramón there will be regular non-office missionaries. Anyways, for a couple weeks we will be living in this tiny house for a while.

Remember one time how I said that San Salvador is like the Japan of Central America? Well we are now living in one of those neighborhoods ("colonias") that is super crammed together and all the houses are super tiny. Its kinda cool, but not really. The worst part is that I am back to taking cold showers, no more heated shower for me! But it's nice, the small house is easier to clean. If your are interested to see where I am living and all that, on Google Maps search "Residencial Granada San Salvador" that´s where we're at!

I assume that on the 15th we will be moving to another area called Miralvalle, which is really close to where we are now. President Glazier really likes surprises and thus he doesn't keep us in on the loop of what his plans for us are. My honest best guess is that I will be in the mission El Salv San Salv West Belize. Don't ask why, that is just my best guess from the rumors and stuff that I hear.

So last night the rain came back. Since October we have been in the dry season, and yesterday we had a huge rain storm. And we got caught in the middle of it last night, it was super fun. We were trying to get to an appointment we had, and buckets of water started falling and the craziest thunder and lightning ever! So when we got back to the house we were soaked head to toe. Pretty cool. Its nice to finally see a change in the weather here after all this sun and stuff!! I am going to have to look for my umbrella, it is probably buried in my suitcases.

Well tomorrow we have a baptism planned for a lady Magdalena. She is really great. The best part was how we have seen her testimony grow through her faith and her commitments that she has kept! She has progressed a lot and we are excited for her!

Ummm... that´s about all that I have to share this week. Pretty soon we are going to eat at TGI Fridays. I am kind of excited. Oh, and last week we went bowling. Here are the pictures:

I hope that you are all ready to have a great week again, I can´t believe that the school year is coming to a close yet again! I love you and well talk next week!


Elder Vaughan

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