Friday, May 24, 2013

Moving Again, Best Friend & Crazy Stories to Tell...After the Mission

Hello once again!
Well if you read the title, I have changes again! About an hour ago President Glazier called me telling me that I have changes today! That means that I will be in the east mission now, not the west Belize mission, which is kind of a disappointment. I am not quite sure what the reason for the change was, he just likes to make lots of changes in the mission. So I will still be here in San Salvador working in the office and all, I will probably be in the office for a lot more time.
I am actually kind of sad about these changes because I just got to the area and was still meeting all the members and stuff. So now I get to start from zero again. In the following week I am sure that we will see so many changes with everyone as President decides who he wants and where!
So yes, this does mean that I will be in the East mission with President Glazier, which is cool because I will finish the mission with the same president that I started with! Another cool thing is that the east mission is so much bigger, is has some larger cities in the east like San Miguel and Usulutan. So with this change it looks like I will get to see more places other than San Vicente and San Salvador. The west mission is honestly really small, just the capital, a few other parts and Belize.
The other cool thing is that my new companion is literally one of my best friends here in the mission, so I am pretty excited for that part!
This week I had an interesting experience as we were walking down the main boulevard, but I should probably save this story for another day... after the mission. I am sure after the mission I will have a ton of crazy stories to tell. I was just reminded this week that this really is a dangerous country and that we need to always be as careful as we can! Don´t worry though, absolutely nothing has happened to me. The worst that I have had happen to me in the mission was Montezuma's Revenge, if you know what I mean.
Well, all is well here, crazy, busy, kinda stressful. But well. I will probably spend a lot of my p-day packing and moving again! I hope that you all have a great week!

Love Elder Vaughan

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