Friday, May 17, 2013

Covering Two Areas, New Mission & Skype

Well this week I did have changes! Right now I am serving in two wards, Miralvalle and Miramonte. That means I am covering two areas, and being an office missionary, I have half the time to do it. Just when I thought the mission couldn't get more stressful, it did. Right now it is really hard writing because people wont stop calling me! Everyone always has problems with everything on pday, and they all have to call me. Before being in the office I always thought having a cell phone as a missionary would be great. To me it is a curse. I love working in the office, I just hate when everyone has problems and I have to magically fix things.
Well I am with Elder Del Val, he is the migration secretary, and we are working, just us two in the two areas. We don`t know anyone or anything here. It is crazy. We know that there is a lot of work to do, but we don`t know where anyone is. So that is super stressful. And the two areas combined are GINORMOUS!!!! We are slowly starting to figure out this place and all that. Yesterday we found an investigator who is super awesome. So far I like my new areas because in general the people have more money. Although it is still El Salvador and is a sketchy place, behind the razor wire the people have some really nice houses!!
The stake I am in is called Los Hèroes, which is the temple stake. Yesterday we went to a zone meeting, which means we got to go to the stake center on temple grounds and all that. It is really cool being here in the temple stake! Also, that means I will be in the El Salvador West Belize Mission. Geographically its a really small mission, includes a good chunk of Sansal and a few outer towns and Belize. So I will probably spend most of the rest of my mission in the capital here. I am good with that! Also, I will be with the new Mission President when he gets here. His name is Prez Hintze, I am kind of imitated because he used to be on the financial head of the church, yes the whole church on a worldwide level. So I imagine that when he gets here he will want the finances to be perfect. So these weeks I will be working hard to make sure everything is well organized and running well.
That is about all that I have to share for now. It was really great talking on Skype for Mother's Day! I hope that this coming up Christmas will be the same `ol situation with Skype access and all. In fact it is possible that I will still be in the office, maybe, maybe not. We will see. I hope you all have a great weekend! Love you.

Elder Joshua Vaughan

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