Friday, April 12, 2013

Prioritization, Rooster Heads & General Conference

Hello World!

Well like last week, this was another pretty stressful week for me, but I think I managed to get a hold of things here! It just took me a while to get used to not having Elder Earl (the previous Financial Secretary) around to help order me around. I have really been developing my skills in prioritizing. The sad truth with my job is that there simply is not enough time to do all of the things that need to be done, so we do some serious prioritizing and we have to let some tasks be forgotten about and never resolved. But that´s okay.

So from the pictures you sent me it looks like Jesse is totally in style according to the style of the El Salvador young people. I would say that more that 50% of the young men here have those faux-hawk things that Jesse is currently sporting! Jesse would fit right in here! Here they call that kind of hair a rooster head, its funny!

So conference went great for us here. In the stake center in Cuscatl├ín we watched it, we had a set apart room to watch it in English for all those who were interested in that! That´s so cool that you all had the chance to be there, who would have known that an African guy would be in my seat at conference! After the Priesthood session of conference we were invited to eat dinner at President´s house with all the other office missionaries. Here I will attach a picture, somehow I always end up in the back of all the group pictures, whatever. We had a nice dinner. In his house he always gets imported meats and shops at Price Mart, the Costco equivalent, so the food is always super good!

 So tomorrow we have a baptism planned for Elmer, he is such a great young guy. Although he is one of the rooster heads he is planning on going on a mission ASAP, so far he seems that he will be one of my stronger converts in the mission. Honestly I haven´t had the best of luck in terms of my baptismal numbers, but I don´t let that get to me! The fact that I am now in the office means that it will be even harder to baptize since time is so short for us. Its funny because I always joke that I was called to El Salvador not to baptize, just to do the church´s finances! :) But yeah, now were doing finances and baptizing! So I am content!

I am so excited for today, we are going to go do some cool stuffs. We are going to eat lunch at the supposedly best pupuseria in the world, so we will see. And after that we will go to "La Puerta del Diablo", that should be cool. I will have to send you some pictures next week!

So that´s about all that I have to report for now. Sounds to me like everyone had a great week, I did too! I hope that you all have a great week.

Love, Elder Vaughan

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