Friday, April 19, 2013

Elmer's Baptism, Bad Papusas & Time Flies

Hello World!

Well another week down right? I am just so close to the halfway mark! When I complete the first year I will have to sing at the top of my lungs "I'm HALFWAY THERE, WHOOOAAA!" You know, like the Bon Jovi song

Dad, it sounds crazy that you´ll be in the bishopric again in our ward! I'm sorry to hear that you wanted something less time consuming, but the Lord knows that´s what your good at, being bishop or counselor, so as we say here "¡déle con todo!" which means give it your all!

I bet you are pretty excited to have Mom around in the office everyday once she finishes school at AHS! That will be cool having her there all the time. 

I also heard about that bombing in Boston. That's just stupid. People here in El Salvador love the USA, everyone wants to live there, but many people now are thinking that they are better off here because weirdos aren't shooting children in schools and theaters nor setting off bombs in public. Really sad. 

Dad that is kinda funny that you mention Americans wanting to move to Belize, I was just talking about that yesterday with one of my office comps from Chile. Belize is such a relaxed place where nothing much goes on, so I guess its a great location to escape.

Well this week was much better than the last. We had another baptism with a 20 year old dude named Elmer. He was baptized on Saturday and is probably one of my strongest converts to this day. When I was in San Vicente I baptized a guy who went inactive right off the bat. But this will be cool because Elmer is planning on serving a mission and everything, So we are super happy and excited for him!

Last Friday after writing emails and all that we went to a place called "Los Planes" (Yes, the plans), to eat the supposedly best pupusas in the country (world). But they just gave us all diarrhea  After the pupusas we went to "La Puerta del Diablo" which was a cool mountain like thingy, I don´t have my camera right now, I will have to send some pictures next time!

As far as all the office life, its great, super busy, but its great. Time flies a hundred times faster here in the office, its weird  I just don´t feel like I have too much to report this week. All is well, life at home seems pretty crazy! I hope that you all have a great week! :)

Love Elder Vaughan!

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