Friday, April 5, 2013

Bills, Contracts & Fry Pan Wake Up Call

Hello world once again!

So this past week has been the most stressful week of my mission so far! Mainly because it was changes week and us as the office missionaries, it is our responsibility to make sure everything is ready for the changes. That includes in finding the houses in the new areas we are opening, and I have to make the contracts and make all the arrangements for signing the contracts and making security deposit checks. Also we have to buy and deliver all of the things (beds, chairs, tables, fridges, etc.) to the new areas. And on top of that we are missionaries.

So I did have changes this week, I am not with Elder Glenn and Elder Earl anymore. Now I am training another elder to be a financial secretary which is crazy. Elder Glenn was going to be the other, but I guess he just wasn't a good fit for being in the office so now I have to train another guy and I haven't even had much time to get stuff learned. Yesterday was the most stressful day of my mission because everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. People in this world are just so impatient. I am responsible for making the payments to the companies that make the beds tables and chairs. And we owe them 960 dollars for an order made in February (before I got here), so yesterday they called and were yelling and whining because they didn't have their money. Then on top of that I had the mission doctor calling me because she never got paid from the last change (because Elder Earl didn't get it done beforehand), she was wanting 920 dollars. So just dealing with all these people and trying to make everyone happy is very stressful.

I am going to attach a document that is one of the contracts that one of the house owners made (I usually make them, but he wanted to make his own) and understanding all that legal language has been such a challenge in Spanish. So here I attached the document in English and in Spanish. It is just such an ugly made document (people aren't well educated in computers here). I also am going to attach one that I made (more beautiful). It is pretty cool! And there are a ton of contacts that I have to keep track of, there are about 210 missionaries in this mission (it changes every week) so you do the math, there are a ton of contracts to keep track of and monitor.

So this crazy week has left me with almost no time for working in our area as missionaries. One of the other perks of being an office missionary is that our house is the mission hotel. it is a fairly big house so we always have the missionaries who are just arriving to the mission and those who are soon to leave sleep there, yes all of them. The other day the brilliant idea came to me that I could have fun when waking them up! Many of them have to wake up in the early morning to catch flights. So I decided to do something I learned from Dad, that is.. hit a fry pan with a wooden spoon as hard as I can. It is hilarious! I decided I would have one of the other Elders record it on camera, the reactions are pretty funny to me!

Well that is pretty much my week! Crazy, stressful, but rewarding! I hope that you all have a great conference weekend in Utah! Conference is great for us missionaries because it is a form of rest from all of our duties! I love you and have a great week!

Love, Elder Joshua Vaughan

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