Friday, March 1, 2013

So Much to Learn, So Much to Do & Speaking Financial Spanish

Hello World!

So this week has definitely been a great week for me! So much has been going on, its really crazy! Firstly, I have a TON of responsibilities as the financial secretary. But firstly, I am now in a trio companionship, let me explain why. Since there will be another mission we will be needing another financial sec, so now Elder Earl (my companion) is training me and Elder Glenn at the same time. So one of us will be in the East mission and the other of us will be in the West mission. So now we are in a trio, which I thought I would not enjoy, but I am actually loving it so much! I still don't know what mission I will be in, but I hear that Belize will be part of the West mission, I don´t know why. If I am going to be in the West mission it is very possible that I could go to Belize for part of my mission, that would be soooooooo awesome! But, we will see what happens in the future!

So like I said before, we hang out with the assistants on P-Day here because they are the only other missionaries that have P-Day on Friday  and now we are in the temple offices using the computers to write home, and there is a sweet view of the temple right outside. It is great. One advantage of being here is that we pass by the temple all the time, and it is just so nice to be able to see it, since I only saw it twice in my whole time in San Vicente.

So about my new job, I have a ton of responsibilities as the Financial Secretary. First off, I have a cell phone. That means that all the missionaries and all our vendors (who sell stuff to the mission) can contact me all day every day. So when I leave the office in the afternoon I am almost always taking phone calls on the buses or even when we are walking in the street. There are just so much things to do. The general tasks include: making house rental contracts, paying contracts and writing the security deposit checks, giving the missionaries their monthly money on their credit cards, paying all the phone-light-water bills for every house in the mission, and making purchases for whatever other expenses or needs there are in the mission. So far after one week I have learned a lot about these things, but Elder Earl tells me that there is so much more to learn. I really like having all of this stuff to do because I like the feeling of getting the stuff done.

So the food, I am no longer eating garbage for lunch every day. I am so happy about that. What we eat most of the time is delivery food that is local style foods or whatever, and when we feel like eating better than that we can call Pizza Hut, Papa John´s, Wendy´s, Subway and much more stuff. And it is all delivery which is interesting. All the food here people just put it on a motorcycle and deliver it to us. I know its not the healthiest food, but dang it is such a great change for once. I decided to start working out more in the mornings to avoid gaining too much weight!

Anyways, This has been a great experience so far. I am loving how I am so busy, time is flying so much faster. Most missionaries dread the thought of being an office missionary, but I love it. There is so much here to learn that will help me in the future, not to mention how much my Spanish skills will grow because I am learning how to talk office-financial Spanish. So, who knows how that will help me in my future!
Well that is about all that I have got to say for now! I am really enjoying this new assignment that I have here! I hope that you all have a great week.


Elder Joshua Vaughan

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