Friday, March 15, 2013

Living on the Edge of a Volcano, President's Birthday & Chinese Food

Hello World!
So another week has passed by yet again, the weeks just don´t stop flying! I feel like I only have a couple weeks left to finish learning all of the stuff that I have to do here in the office. Here I attached some photos from last week. One is with Elder Cifuentes who was in the hospital with some kidney issues. He will be the new records secretary here, but not to worry he is back on his feet and working now!

In the other picture we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch on President Glazier´s birthday. The two elders that are right by president at the table are my two comps, it's actually pretty cool being in a trio here. We always get to go on divisions with the youth getting ready for the mission and we get a ton of stuff done! Anyways, that was by far the best meal I have had since Ruth's Chris Steak House before the mission, not better than RC steaks, but pretty darn good. Speaking of Ruth's Chris steaks there is one here in El Salvador, although I know we will never get to go there, it's cool knowing that there are people who like to eat good food here. This place where the office is, is actually  the rich part of the country and there are so many people driving around in BMW's and all types of sweet cars here. We just go around in a 1980 Toyota taxi, or a bus.

In the other picture we are in the office about to eat some cake with president. Behind the president you can see the remote control for the air conditioning, I love that part of the office. In San Vicente nobody had air conditioning, and it was always a whole lot hotter there as well.

We also have one of the best houses in the mission, there are 2 others that are better than ours. We have a full stove with oven (not just a tiny two burner plug-in stove), a brand new washing machine(we still dry the clothes on a clothes line), a microwave and air conditioning in the bedrooms and the best of all is the hot water in the shower! The hot water here is heated by electricity, you will never see that in the USA because of obvious safety hazards. I have already shocked myself a few times in the shower because the wires are on the shower head and that is where the switch is to turn on the heated water, its weird but funny when I shock myself.
Anyways... this week was just a bunch of work. This week I have been mainly working on making house contracts and calling all the owners and bugging them to get it signed and to us. The work in the area is great. The area in which we work is in San Salvador - Mejicanos - San Ramón, its really odd how cities (municipios) are laid out here. We really live in those three cities at the same time. I don´t understand! But the area is on the north side of San Salvador, pretty much at the edge of the capital by the volcano! Its pretty cool. Next week we are planning on having a baptism of a young man named Elmer, so lets hope that everything comes out okay!
Love Elder Vaughan

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