Friday, March 8, 2013

Eating Healthy, Hospital for a Day and Stolen Car


So this week was seriously one of the most crazy weeks of my mission. So much happens in a week here and the weeks are going by so fast, its just crazy. So lets start with the happy, that is, I ate some real Chinese food two days ago, it was amazing!! So you may or may not be concerned with my unhealthy diet here in the office, but the truth is... pizza hut, china wok and wendy´s is a whole lot healthier than the garbage we would eat every day in San Vicente. The problem with the food in the country is that everybody cooks with a TON of oil, it is just unhealthy. People here always get so sick all of the time just because their diet is terrible! But not to worry, I have recently started working out a little bit lately to try and counter the effects of unhealthy food!

So this is random, but there has been a change of rules here in the mission. That is, we are now allowed to write to our friends and whatever other non family member through email! So yeah, friends can write me through email now if they really want to!

So all  day yesterday I was in the hospital, all day. It was terrible. Ok, you are probably so freaked out right now, I am fine. The thing is another elder who works here in the office has some problems with his kidney, so I was his companion yesterday in the hospital all day long. Not going to lie, it was actually nice not doing anything all day long, I don´t do nothing very often! So this poor Elder Cifuentes has probably the worst luck and the worst day of his life on Wednesday. After being in the office he started feeling sick and started vomiting and all that lovely stuff. So they took a taxi to the house and rested a while. Later on at about 8 PM they decided he needed to go to the hospital since he was just getting worse. So our ward mission leader, Benji, an 18 year old guy came in his mom´s car to pick him up and take him to the hospital. Then they were waiting at a lonely stoplight, when all of the sudden two armed men robbed their car, so they were stuck without a car. and after walking a half hour back to benji´s house they finally took another car that belongs to his father, and finally went to the hospital. That poor elder had the worst of luck that day. But fortunately the police found the stolen car and he is being treated in the hospital as we speak. It was just crazy.

So as far as the new mission goes, we do not know which mission we will be in, and I personally would like to be in the West mission, which is really the central mission here in the capital. If I am in that mission I will be having a new mission president and the possibility of serving in Belize. That would be so cool to serve in Belize!! That´s really the main reason I would love to be in that mission! But, who knows, we will see soon enough. Today is President Glazier´s birthday, so in a couple hours he will be taking us (but I will pay since I´m the money guy here now!) to the best Chinese Restaurant in the whole country! I can´t wait! After that we will be going to a few possible locations in search of the potential new office for the other mission. So yep.

That´s about all I have got to say for now! This has been a crazy but good week. I hope that you all had a great week as well.

Love Elder Vaughan

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