Monday, February 11, 2013

The "Japan of Central America", Tap Water & Cow Guts

Hello World,

Okay, so this week was somewhat interesting to me. Nothing too big or crazy, just interesting. As far as the week went, a fairly normal schedule, only on Friday we were in Ilopango (San Salvador) for a multi zone meeting with the president. It was pretty cool, there are always things I learn that help me improve my work as a missionary and make me more motivated me to do a better job each day! Those meetings happen usually every 2 or 3 months, I'm not exactly sure. 

I actually love going to San Salvador for meetings because I like seeing the city because it is insane. El Salvador is the most densely populated country in all of Central America, it is super tiny and there are just a ton of people here! So for that I like to think of this country as the "Japan of Central America". San Vicente is not that big, and for that it is a calmer place and for that it is much easier to find people to talk to and all that. But in San Salvador the way things are just blows my mind. The houses are all so tiny and so packed together and the streets are crowded with hundreds of buses  Here there are not any of those sound ordinances or pollution guidelines on vehicles, so all the buses are super loud and pollute like crazy. When I was in Ilopango on Friday the sky was grey from all the bus pollution, fortunately its not like that in San Vicente because there is only one bus route and nobody goes anywhere.

So we are still here without any water coming out of the tap. When Chris came home from his mission I remember him being amazed that water actually comes out of the tap every time he opens it. Chris, I can totally relate to that feeling now! About twice a week in the early morning the water comes back, so we always leave the tap to the pila opened so we can have water to bathe with. As far as drinking water, the only Central American country with safe tap water is Panama (because the  gringos who dug the canal also set up the water system in Panama while they were there). So here we aren't supposed to drink the tap water, but I know I have drunken it a million times, its unavoidable, but when it's us in the house, we buy 5 gallon bottles of purified water to drink. Many times the people offer us a "fresco" which is their homemade fruit juices, and that is almost always made with tap water, so whatever. 

So this week we are teaching a great family that is super excited and all. We think that they will be able to be baptized soon enough. The other day we were in a lesson with them and the little girl was told by her mom to go feed the pigs. So the girl got up and brought out a bucket filled with cow guts. Everything from intestines to hearts and kidneys, she had it all. She just spilled all the guts on the ground and the pigs went nuts. It was like one of those things you see when sharks go nuts eating a piece of meat, but these were pigs. Probably the gnarliest thing I have seen in a while. So it turns out that the dad of the family works at the nearby slaughter house, so he gets to take home as many of the cow guts as he wants to feed his animals... interesting. As far as teaching them goes, all is well, they are accepting very well all that we teach and hopefully will follow through with the goal baptism date in march!

So that's about all I've got for now to share with you. I hope that you all continue having a great week.


Elder Joshua Vaughan

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