Monday, February 4, 2013

No Water, Pirates & Obedience

Hello World again,

Well this week was pretty good, definitely much better and more eventful than the last! So this week we had planned a baptism for Saturday, so that morning we went to the church to fill the font and there was no water in the church, like, really there was no water anywhere in the whole city because the water company "ANDA" has been doing some hardcore cleaning and maintenance in the water system, so all week we have had no water and we won't have some water for quite some time. In our house we have this thing called a "pila" its just a huge cement box behind the house that we fill with water so we can "shower" when there is no water, its pretty sweet. So with the baptism we had no water to fill the font. All day we were running around talking to all the people we could who could possibly help us find a place or fill the font for the baptism. So with the help of the District Prez (we're too small to be a stake) he made a million phone calls (which here you pay per minute on the phone, phone plans don't exist) to many members and other people he knows to help us find a solution! After about an hour of phone calls we remembered that there is a less active sister who lives 2 blocks away from the church who has a swimming pool! So after all morning and most of the afternoon we finally found the solution!

I would totally send you some pictures of the baptism and stuff, but the computers here in the church have viruses and our branch president is blaming us for using our cameras and USB drives, I really don't believe it since all the members here use this place as their personal cyber cafe to download pirated music, movies, PlayStation games and etc. Here in this country the people live off of pirated media, original copies of movies, music, and games just don`t exist. Its funny. I have explained to people that the church doesn't support pirating, but nobody believes me and it is the only way to obtain media here!

Anyways... Although this week was eventful... nothing else comes to mind that I would like to share with you.... Sorry for being lame. Well, this week should be just as great, we don't have any more baptisms planned this week, but we have some wonderful investigators and families we are teaching. It seems that right now the members are helping us more than ever with the missionary work, and I know that the level of help we receive is directly connected with the level of obedience that we live.

Well that's about all! I am excited to continue working this week! I hope that you are all having a great time as well!

Love Elder Vaughan

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