Monday, February 18, 2013

Changes This Week, District Conference & Feeling Prepared

Hello Family!

Well, this Wednesday are the changes. And yes I have changes! I only got to half train Elder Flores, which is really disappointing to me, but no worries, I will have other opportunities to train in the future. So we will see what will happen! Oh yeah, and when someone gets changed in the middle of the 12 week training period, its called an "aborto", yeah, I think you see why! I am actually excited to see where I will be, the fact that I am still in my first area I still feel like a n00b in the mission, so I guess I am ready to move onward to other things and other places!

So this week was pretty interesting, Friday we had a Zone meeting here in San Vicente and the President randomly decided to show up and we learned lots of great things! He went to the Super Selectos (the only grocery store here in town) to buy us all ice cream to eat after the meeting, and while he was there he talked to a man in the store and got a reference and gave it to us because the man lives in my area here. That was just cool because yesterday we found him and are teaching him! It is always really hard to tell in the first lesson if the person will be able to progress or not, but it would be sweet that in the future if he got baptized and all. I guess my comp will find out!

Also this week was the district of San Vicente Conference, that was really cool because it was the most spiritual meeting we have had in a while here in the church and we had several investigators there in the session on Sunday! It was really great! Then we got to introduce our investigators to President Glazier which was cool.

So I have been here for almost 7 months now, I sure have learned a ton since I first got here! I remember the first weeks when I couldn't understand half of the things the people were saying to me, and here I am now being a trainer and teaching someone else how to do stuff here. This time here has for me been a "trial and error" run for me. And by that I have seen from my trainer how to be a good missionary, and from the second companion how to persevere, and now I have had my chance to do things how I want. So now I feel really prepared to do great the rest of my mission!

Well this week sure will be interesting, who knows where I will be. The biggest zone in the country is San Miguel, by that I mean that it has the most missionaries than whatever other zone. Wherever I go, I do not want to go to San Miguel because it is supposedly the hottest area in all of central America... and the worst part is, we are in summer right now. So wish me luck! Well, have a great week!


Elder Joshua Vaughan

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