Monday, January 28, 2013

Working Hard, Teaching English & an Investigator from Germany

Hello World!

So another week has just happened here! This past one was even better than the last! Right now we are working really hard and we are finally seeing the fruits of our work come up in these past few days!

Yesterday in church we had a few surprises, we had a total of 5 investigators come to church yesterday! Two of them were current investigators who we are already teaching, and the other are new investigators that were brought to church by the members! So this week we are really excited to start teaching them because as any missionary knows, the best way to find and teach investigators is through the members. Now that we are receiving more support from the members we will for sure have some more success!

So being a trainer so far is pretty cool up until now! Its harder because I have to be a perfect example in everything I do, but it is better that way! I wouldn't mind training the rest of my mission, it helps me be more motivated!

Also at this point I know Spanish pretty well compared to 6 months ago when I first got here, I don't have to worry too much about my language study. So now I am teaching my companion English, as it is highly encouraged of the Latino missionaries to learn English here so that they can have more job opportunities when they get home from the mission. So I am enjoying teaching him English as well! I have really learned how strange English is since I started teaching him English!

This coming up Saturday we will be having a baptism! An 18 year old investigator named Jenifer will be baptized! She is actually from Germany, and is just here in San Vicente until March to visit all of her family for a time. And we found her and we are teaching her! This will be the first baptism in quite some time here in our area! We are really excited!

So that's about all that we have got planned for this week, and not too much happened this past week. We are excited to continue working hard! I really enjoyed hearing from all of you! I can't wait to talk again next week!


Elder Joshua Vaughan

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