Monday, January 14, 2013

Cojutepeque, Liahona Mag & Packages

Hello World!

First of all, sorry for being so slow getting to email today, we were in Ilopango all day for a multi-zone p-day, which is always a lot of fun. Right now we are in town called Cojutepeque (freaking legit name) just to write and then we will hop back on a bus for San Vicente (not as legit of a name). So today we received word on the changes for this week! I thankfully will not be going anywhere in this change!! At least another 5 weeks in San Vicente (still not a very legit name!) And my comp who has only been here for 6 weeks is already leaving from here! I am very happy to stay here in San Vicente (yeah, still not a very cool name). One of the things I don´t like about this country is that half of the cities are named after the Catholic Saints. Separation of church and state just doesn´t exist here.

Oh, I have a random cool thing to tell you. In the January Liahona magazine, open the front page and there is a picture of two sister missionaries. The one on the right, Hna Rubio, she is a member of our branch here!! Just another random person that showed up in the Liahona, but this one I actually know somewhat well, pretty cool huh? She directs the hymns every Sunday in church.

Well, Jacob Thomas is heading out to the mission this week, I can´t believe that he is already leaving. Time is really starting to go faster and faster here!! At the end of January I will be completing my 8 month mark in the field, which is also the one third point. That kinda went by faster than I thought! I can finish this out no problem!

I don´t really have much to say this week that is interesting... Oh yes. I did get two packages from home and one from Grandma Little this week! :) Thank you so much for that! I am enjoying all of the treats! The fruit leather is a big hit, keep that coming in the packages! ;) I know that you just sent me a package, but there are a few things that I would like in the next one. But please don´t put together a huge package just for these things, just keep a list going for me somewhere because I know I will forget! I would like some mechanical pencils, mine are all broken except for one after these 8 months! I have the Papermate kind that are clear and have the button on the side right, I like them, but they are really big, so maybe some thinner pencils would be nice, 0.5 lead. Wow, there was something else I was about to ask for, but I already forgot. So I will let you know when I remember. Like I said before, do not send a package just for these little things, wait a while because these packages are expensive for you!!

Unfortunately that is all I have to say this time, I am sure that I will have a lot more to say to you this next week when I will be with a new companion! I hope that everything goes well for you all this week. I love you.

Love Elder Joshua Vaughan!

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