Monday, January 7, 2013

BYU Neckties No Bueno, Temple Visit & Praying for Changes

Hello world!!!

Okay, another week down! So this week was pretty uneventful kinda like the last week was as well! The best part of course was going to the temple!! We went on Wednesday morning and it was great! I am going to try and send some photos here! Here is a picture of my companion, Elder Omontes. Another super short, dark skinned,  South American! After the temple trip I realized that the ties that the mission gave us are all BYU colors, so I officially retired that tie after two uses. The president is such a die hard BYU fan, so he ordered those ties in his colors. Maybe I will give it away to some young man in the branch here!

So in the other pictures you have a couple shots of the temple, and also a shot of the stake center with some random tall building in the background... probably apartments... who knows!

This week was very uneventful week. There is only like a week and a half left in this change. I really do miss my trainer Elder Tenecora because he was the perfect mix of a hard working missionary but very hilarious and fun to be around. With him I even enjoyed the days when all the appointments fall through and we just walked across town 10 times trying plan A - Z. He just knew how to make the best of things and have fun with everything! We would have days where everyone is having so many problems in their lives and they all want us the missionaries to help, and by the end of the day we are just so mentally dead that we would just laugh about how ridiculous of a job it is being a missionary!

So I am really excited for the next changes this next week. I am hoping and literally praying that I can stay here and get a good companion who wants to work hard. I will be really sad if I have to leave the area. At the start of the change my zone leader told me that I will potentially be a trainer soon, and he said it all depends on how well I do in this current change, so I am trying hard to do my best because supposedly training is the best!!

Sorry for an uneventful email, I hope you enjoy the photos, and wish me luck this week! Talk to you next week!


Elder Vaughan.

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