Monday, January 28, 2013

Working Hard, Teaching English & an Investigator from Germany

Hello World!

So another week has just happened here! This past one was even better than the last! Right now we are working really hard and we are finally seeing the fruits of our work come up in these past few days!

Yesterday in church we had a few surprises, we had a total of 5 investigators come to church yesterday! Two of them were current investigators who we are already teaching, and the other are new investigators that were brought to church by the members! So this week we are really excited to start teaching them because as any missionary knows, the best way to find and teach investigators is through the members. Now that we are receiving more support from the members we will for sure have some more success!

So being a trainer so far is pretty cool up until now! Its harder because I have to be a perfect example in everything I do, but it is better that way! I wouldn't mind training the rest of my mission, it helps me be more motivated!

Also at this point I know Spanish pretty well compared to 6 months ago when I first got here, I don't have to worry too much about my language study. So now I am teaching my companion English, as it is highly encouraged of the Latino missionaries to learn English here so that they can have more job opportunities when they get home from the mission. So I am enjoying teaching him English as well! I have really learned how strange English is since I started teaching him English!

This coming up Saturday we will be having a baptism! An 18 year old investigator named Jenifer will be baptized! She is actually from Germany, and is just here in San Vicente until March to visit all of her family for a time. And we found her and we are teaching her! This will be the first baptism in quite some time here in our area! We are really excited!

So that's about all that we have got planned for this week, and not too much happened this past week. We are excited to continue working hard! I really enjoyed hearing from all of you! I can't wait to talk again next week!


Elder Joshua Vaughan

Monday, January 21, 2013

Another South American Comp, Training & a Family Reunion

Hello World, 

Well here we are starting another change in the mission, and this time I am training!! The president called me Tuesday morning to tell me that the following day I would be training!! It's crazy how fast things happen here like that. Well I am with Elder Flores, yes another short South American! I am probably going to be one of those missionaries that only has Latino companions the whole mission and later forgets how to speak English!! I sure hope not.

So far it has been great training, not as hard as I thought it would be, but still a big responsabilidad! I always tell him that I am still somewhat new to the mission and that he probably has lots of ideas to help me learn as well! It is going to be a great experience training him here! 

At the end of this training period, which ends in March I think, I will for sure be leaving San Vicente. I have already been in this town for almost 6 months, so my time to go is coming soon! I will be sad to leave this place because I have made some good friends among members and even a few non members!

But for now I am still here for 2-3 months more! We are excited to be working hard here! I like being the senior companion for once because I don't feel like such a baby compared to the other missionaries. Even though I am still relatively young in the mission I have been here for quite some time! At the end of this month I will be hitting the 8 month mark, almost one third the way done!!

Well I don`t have too much else to report this week. Things have been pretty hectic with all of the changes and starting to be a trainer! I am going to attach a photo below, a "Four Generation" photo that I took with my trainer, and my trainer's trainer and with my hijo. My hijo is the Latino with glasses and the tall gringo is my Grandpa! It was sweet having a short family reunion at the change meeting on Wednesday!

Well that`s all for now! I hope that you all have a great week, talk to you all then!


Elder Joshua Vaughan

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cojutepeque, Liahona Mag & Packages

Hello World!

First of all, sorry for being so slow getting to email today, we were in Ilopango all day for a multi-zone p-day, which is always a lot of fun. Right now we are in town called Cojutepeque (freaking legit name) just to write and then we will hop back on a bus for San Vicente (not as legit of a name). So today we received word on the changes for this week! I thankfully will not be going anywhere in this change!! At least another 5 weeks in San Vicente (still not a very legit name!) And my comp who has only been here for 6 weeks is already leaving from here! I am very happy to stay here in San Vicente (yeah, still not a very cool name). One of the things I don´t like about this country is that half of the cities are named after the Catholic Saints. Separation of church and state just doesn´t exist here.

Oh, I have a random cool thing to tell you. In the January Liahona magazine, open the front page and there is a picture of two sister missionaries. The one on the right, Hna Rubio, she is a member of our branch here!! Just another random person that showed up in the Liahona, but this one I actually know somewhat well, pretty cool huh? She directs the hymns every Sunday in church.

Well, Jacob Thomas is heading out to the mission this week, I can´t believe that he is already leaving. Time is really starting to go faster and faster here!! At the end of January I will be completing my 8 month mark in the field, which is also the one third point. That kinda went by faster than I thought! I can finish this out no problem!

I don´t really have much to say this week that is interesting... Oh yes. I did get two packages from home and one from Grandma Little this week! :) Thank you so much for that! I am enjoying all of the treats! The fruit leather is a big hit, keep that coming in the packages! ;) I know that you just sent me a package, but there are a few things that I would like in the next one. But please don´t put together a huge package just for these things, just keep a list going for me somewhere because I know I will forget! I would like some mechanical pencils, mine are all broken except for one after these 8 months! I have the Papermate kind that are clear and have the button on the side right, I like them, but they are really big, so maybe some thinner pencils would be nice, 0.5 lead. Wow, there was something else I was about to ask for, but I already forgot. So I will let you know when I remember. Like I said before, do not send a package just for these little things, wait a while because these packages are expensive for you!!

Unfortunately that is all I have to say this time, I am sure that I will have a lot more to say to you this next week when I will be with a new companion! I hope that everything goes well for you all this week. I love you.

Love Elder Joshua Vaughan!

Monday, January 7, 2013

BYU Neckties No Bueno, Temple Visit & Praying for Changes

Hello world!!!

Okay, another week down! So this week was pretty uneventful kinda like the last week was as well! The best part of course was going to the temple!! We went on Wednesday morning and it was great! I am going to try and send some photos here! Here is a picture of my companion, Elder Omontes. Another super short, dark skinned,  South American! After the temple trip I realized that the ties that the mission gave us are all BYU colors, so I officially retired that tie after two uses. The president is such a die hard BYU fan, so he ordered those ties in his colors. Maybe I will give it away to some young man in the branch here!

So in the other pictures you have a couple shots of the temple, and also a shot of the stake center with some random tall building in the background... probably apartments... who knows!

This week was very uneventful week. There is only like a week and a half left in this change. I really do miss my trainer Elder Tenecora because he was the perfect mix of a hard working missionary but very hilarious and fun to be around. With him I even enjoyed the days when all the appointments fall through and we just walked across town 10 times trying plan A - Z. He just knew how to make the best of things and have fun with everything! We would have days where everyone is having so many problems in their lives and they all want us the missionaries to help, and by the end of the day we are just so mentally dead that we would just laugh about how ridiculous of a job it is being a missionary!

So I am really excited for the next changes this next week. I am hoping and literally praying that I can stay here and get a good companion who wants to work hard. I will be really sad if I have to leave the area. At the start of the change my zone leader told me that I will potentially be a trainer soon, and he said it all depends on how well I do in this current change, so I am trying hard to do my best because supposedly training is the best!!

Sorry for an uneventful email, I hope you enjoy the photos, and wish me luck this week! Talk to you next week!


Elder Vaughan.