Monday, December 17, 2012

U.S. Steaks, Sock War & a One Dollar Haircut

Hello Family!

Well this past week was a ton of fun at the Christmas party at President´s house! We ate a ton of food (yes, real food). He has some US steaks shipped in (because good meat just doesn't exist here) and we enjoyed a sock war in the house and lots of other fun games. In the other picture there we had to take pictures of "every-day events" that happen to us missionaries in the mission. So here I am being chased by a bunch of dogs! Its dumb but funny. Me and the guy in the green shirt (from Mexico!!) are the missionaries running from the dogs!  Another Photo from the Christmas party, the whole group that day (2 zones), my new companion, Elder Omontes is the Elder with the shiny name tag from the flash on the camera! And I am the Gringo with glasses! We had a lot of fun that day! More than anything it was a sweet break from this never ending job we have as missionaries, everything has been such a sprint since I entered the MTC in May 30th. 


A few weeks ago when I was still with Elder Tenecora, we were talking about how the life of a missionary has to be the hardest job in the world, other than fighting in the army of course. Because our job is literally non stop for two years, and we have to live "higher-than-temple-recommend-standards", which is so true, for example, a regular temple recommend holding member can go to the movie theater to see a nice film, but for us, that's just rebellious! But its a cool job being a missionary, there are things to experience that you just can't do anywhere else, its cool.

So next Monday (December 24) at 4 in the afternoon we are planning on calling on Skype. There´s a member in our branch that owns a cyber cafe thing, and will only charge us 50 cents for the hours, man I love how cheap things are here, especially for us all the members give us good deals. For example I get my hair cut for one dollar. Before at the USU barbershop I spent 13 or 14 dollars for a haircut! I might just die when I come back. 

So this month we are hoping for a baptism, German, the 15 year old "niño pastor". If he comes to church this week he will be baptized on the 31st, new years eve! We are excited for him, as he is excited too. The only challenge with him is that he works selling candy on the buses that run between here and San Miguel. So sometimes on Sunday he gets called in to work super early in the morning, so he just needs to come to church a little more and he will be good for his baptism! He is super excited, this kid always is "Machetting" (criticizing) all of the other churches around, but he likes the LDS church because he can´t find anything to criticize it, and the Bible completely supports the church. So hopefully it comes out well!! 

As of right now we are looking forward to the 24th to Skype home and all that. On January 2nd we will be going to do a session in the temple here, I am super excited!

Love Elder Vaughan

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