Monday, November 26, 2012

Top Ramen Thanksgiving, Multi-Zone Conference & Six Months

Hello Family!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving time for me (since I didn´t!)!! :)  So the zone leaders know a man named Romel, the only man in this city who actually knows how to cook, and made arrangements to eat a Thanksgiving dinner! All four of us were going to go and enjoy a nice meal for once! But in the afternoon on Thanksgiving I came down with an insane fever, so we went to the house and rested some. I woke up a few hours before the planned dinner only to have some fun vomit diarrhea combinations! Soooo for that we didn´t go to dinner, we ended up eating Top ramen for Thanksgiving!

As far as health goes, I am doing great! When I get sick, I just say whatever, let stuff come out that needs to leave my body and in the blink of an eye (or a day or two) I am back on my feet! Its just one of the sad facts of life here that one needs to accept!

So on Wednesday we went to San Salvador for a multizone conference with the Prez, it was cool. Here is a picture of my zone with the Prezi and his wife! After the meeting there they handed out letters and packages, I got my ballot about a month late :( and some other letters which was all super awesome!

So this week I am about to complete 6 months of being a missionary. I think it went by fairly fast! A lot has happened! I remember sitting in Provo(lone) in my first week just wishing I could get to this 6 month point in the mission, being able to understand the language and communicate and all that. And... here I am! almost at that 6 month mark! I really have gotten to a point where the speaking comes without thinking, only sometimes I have to think when it is a word I haven´t learned or used much!

So this week we have been working hard with a few investigators and a great family. Its hard to tell who is going to be able to progress or not, but this one family we are working with really has the desire to be baptized and they love the church and all that. This family of course has a lot of challenges to overcome, but we can help them and hopefully in December we will see a baptism with them!

Other than all that, I don´t have much else to report since a couple days were spent sick and all. Right now I am doing great and I am excited to continue working 18 more months in this great work! Good luck to Spencer who is going in to the MTC this week, he will do a great job! I have missed you all over this holiday week and hope that all goes well the coming week!

Love Elder Vaughan

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