Monday, November 19, 2012

Mute Kisser, Broken Chair & a Drumstick Sandwich

Hello world!

Well, another week down here, This week went much better than the last. First funny thing that happened, last Monday night a mute guy found us in the street tried communicating with us, but failed, and out of nowhere the man dove in and kissed my companion on the cheek. Soooooo hilarious!!!! We were just standing in the street when it happened and many people saw it, and right after he kissed him I started to walk away at a brisk pace in fear that the same would happen to me. But I made it out fine :) We were laughing all night about that! Then Saturday we were in the house of an investigator teaching and my comp was sitting on a plastic lawn char, and the two back legs snapped and he fell right off, funniest thing ever!! Lots of funny things have happened to my companion this past week!

 So this week we started teaching a cousin of Hermano Alberto (the brother of the guy who died), his cousin is named Luis and we are teaching his family now which is super exciting!! They already came to church twice which is sweet! Wow, really nothing else happened this week. It went by too fast with too few significant things happening!

Hmm.. well Thanksgiving is coming up soon, nobody here does anything for that holiday, just another good ol' Thursday here!

So here I attached a photo of me and my companion hitchhiking one day which is always super fun! Then I attached a picture of some sandwich that we eat a ton here! As you see there is a before and an after picture. The bread is filled with all sorts of junk and in the second image you can see that there were two whole drumsticks inside. Very interesting, but I like it! Lots of missionaries don´t like it!

Anyways, That was our week! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving week!

Love Elder Vaughan

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