Monday, November 5, 2012

Day of the Dead, 80 New Missionaries & a Family Tomb

Hello World!

While the 31st of October was Halloween the people here don´t really do much. They like to pretend that they celebrate it, but they don´t. They call it the day of the witch, which is super lame!!! Who dresses up as a witch these days???? Anyways, we had the "Day of the Dead" which they supposedly honor all their family members who have passed away, I already am not a fan of the holiday. I found it very disrespectful and irreverent. The whole city was in the cemetery to paint all the grave stones and tombs bright obnoxious Easter colors, and we went to help a sister paint some graves. When we were in the cemetery the place was more crazy than Wal Mart on Black Friday. People walking around selling stuff yelling and screaming, climbing on tombs and trashing the cemetery. I really found it to be disrespectful, but whatever, not my family members who are buried there.

So this week... really uneventful. Here in the area "La Espiga" we are looking forward to lots of changes in the near future. My companion and I think we figured out why we both stayed here for another change. Last night we found out that in the first week in December we are going to have 80 new missionaries (already knew that), and the mission is going to open 26 new areas in December!!!!!! That is crazy. So what we think is going to happen, they are going to divide "La Espiga" area in two because it is really big (one and a half towns big). And both me and my companion are going to stay here when they divide the area to train the noobs!! I really lost some sleep last night thinking about all that stuff! Super exciting! It will be great because there are so many places we never have time to go to to work because we spend all day walking. So that´s exciting!!

Well... nothing else exciting to report. This may or may not be the shortest email yet! Oh yesterday our investigator "niño pastor" (his actual name is German) came to church and it was great! He knows more about the Bible than all the members combined, and all the young men in the branch are super slackers and he whipped them into shape! He is a really disciplined guy. He works selling candy on buses everyday to help feed his family (remember he is only 15 years old)! If and when he gets baptized he will be a super sweet missionary!! I attached a picture with him here. And yes, we have to wear suits every Sunday, its terribly hot! Anyways we are excited for him, we set a baptismal date for the end of this month!

So that´s about all we have got for this week! Also I attached a picture of the "Vaughan Family Tomb"! I wish that My name tag said "Elder Van" because that is the only way that they understand it! Anyways.. I hope you all have a great week. Love you!

Love Elder Vaughan!

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