Monday, October 22, 2012

Training Period Ends, American Politics & Bus Jumping


Okay so this has been my last week with Elder Tenecora, This Wednesday we have changes (my training period was 12 weeks). So either me or him will change, most likely him because he has been here in San Vicente for 6 months, and I have been here almost three. But who knows what will happen. We will see Wednesday! It will be slightly sad having a different companion because when you spend 12 weeks 24/7 with the same guy it is only natural that you become friends (as long as you don´t hate each other)! I still haven´t gotten a package from Mom yet, but I am 99.99% sure that I will get it when I go to the changes meeting in San Salvador on Wednesday, because they always have a ton of packages for everyone there!

So both mom and dad are telling me that I would be really interested in the politics now. And yes I am. Since I have been here I have come to appreciate my country so much more, because most Salvadoreños love America more than most Americans themselves. So many people here have USA pride for no apparent reason, they look up to people there and everyone wants to live there! So I hope I will be able to vote in time for the election, I sure will try!

So the title. "Bus Jumping". Why is that the title? Because I jumped off a moving bus on Friday and almost biffed it super hard. So what happened was me and my comp were on a bus going to Tecoluca to visit some less active members, and we decided to do our bus contacting en route. So as the bus was about to pull in to Tecoluca (super tiny town with one bus stop) my comp approached the front door of the bus to get off, and I approached the back door. As the bus was about 50 meters from the stop a lady in the back tried talking to me asking me questions, then before I knew it I saw my companion out the back bus window running and screaming "ELDEEEEEERRR!!!!!! as the bus pulled away (the next stop is many miles away). I yelled at the driver "¡A VISA A VISA!!" which means "STOP!" I think. So the driver said he couldn´t stop, and as I saw my comp about 100 meters behind so then I foolishly jumped out of the moving bus and almost biffed it on the concrete. But I made it out fine and we were laughing about the whole thing for about ten more minutes after! So I guess that answers Mom´s question of "what was the craziest thing you have done so far in the mission?"!

Well, Carlos the guy who was baptised but not confirmed, well he ate a bad pupusa Saturday night and was in the hospital Sunday with food poisoning. So we talked to him and he said he would come to church this week (yesterday) to do the confirmation. But... he didn´t show up.. so I hope he is really sick! because if he isn't sick and is missing church and the confirmation for some other reason, that´s probably not good! So we hope that he will still be able to make it this coming up week!

Well, that was my week, were still working on teaching the same people as always and I am honestly not sure if our investigators are progressing or not, because its been tough this week. But all is well! As always I enjoy hearing from you all!


Elder Vaughan

PS: I felt 2 earthquakes yesterday morning.... about the 4th or 5th time I have felt an earth quake in 3 months here! But they are all fairly small and have done nothing! They are kind of exciting in a way!

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