Monday, October 15, 2012

Fried Bananas, Friendly Graffiti, & an Unconfirmed Baptism

Hello World!

So this week went significantly better than the last week! Still hard and challenging and weird in many ways, but good! So remember that drunk guy I told you about? So we taught him a few lessons this week, one of them being the Word of Wisdom (of course). And the next visit after that one he told us that if he needs to stop drinking, he needs to stop doing everything that is bad, and he says that every time he does something little, such as swearing, or having a bad thought, he goes and prays for repentance! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT???? A guy that has literally hit rock bottom has recognized that need for repentance on such a tiny level, that is really amazing!! He totally hasn´t stopped smoking, but he said that when he does give in to temptation, he feels super terrible (which is good right?). Anyways, that guy is progressing and we hope that he will progress lots more the coming weeks!

Okay, so this week we decided to do some more of our own cooking rather than buying pupusas or whatever. So one of the photos I attached is a picture of our dinner the other day. Fried bananas, fried platanos (yes there is a difference (I don´t understand though)), fried eggs and re-fried beans! That is honestly some of the most typical food here other than pupusas and rice or beans! Here in El Salvador, people cook with buckets of oil, when they fry eggs, you eat more oil than you eat eggs. I don´t know where the world got the idea that America is the fattest country in the world, because I have seen so many fat people here, its just crazy. Every meal is bathed in oil or grease, and the people pay for it when they get to their mid 30s. Anyways, we eat tons of rice, beans, bananas, platanos, eggs and pupusas! Oh, that other random picture is a shot of some more friendly graffiti that isn't gang related (at least I don´t think it is!). Me and my companion like hunting graffiti.

So the past few weeks we have been teaching a man named Carlos (name changed to protect his privacy), we taught him all the lessons but then two Fridays ago, he left to the USA, supposedly going to be there for 5 years or maybe more. He was planning on crossing the border in a manner that is not legal. We were sad to see him go (and leave his family behind) but he felt like he had to go to get a job (because the job market is bad here). So on Tuesday we were eating lunch where we normally eat at a members house on Tuesdays. We were sitting outside on the porch thing. As we were eating we saw Carlos walk down the street, he was supposed to be on his way to the USA by now. And we jumped out of our seats and ran to talk to him to see why he was still here! He says that the group he was going to cross the border with had gained a person, and could no longer take Carlos with them because a lack of space in their method of transportation. So we were able to carry out the baptism on Friday for him now that we have more time, because the next group leaving the the states isn't for another month. Before the baptismal service, Carlos told us that all the guys in his previous travel group were now in a Mexican prison, and that if he would have gone with them he would be in prison too! So he decided that he will not be leaving the country anymore because he realized what could happen to him! So the baptism went well and everything! Except he didn't show up to his confirmation, so hopefully we will find him this week and figure out what happened!

That´s about all there is to report for this week! Stuff is going great, I hate the sun, it is starting to get more hot here everyday! I really miss the daily overcast weather in Washington! I hope that you all have a great week! I love you!

Elder Vaughan

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