Monday, October 29, 2012

Festival Gastronomico, Armadillo Dinner & No Change


So interesting stuff first. Saturday night was the "Festival Gastronomico" The monthly food party they have here. I sure am in the right town, a monthly party with food!! So me and my companion ate Armadillo, how crazy is that?? Then our zone leaders ate Iguana, really strange! I attached some photos of our dinner! It was really good, tasted like chicken, but very hard to eat because the meat is super hard to rip off the bones! But it was really good,, but strange! I am also attaching a photo of the Iguana too, crazy! See those tortillas in the picture? In almost every meal in this country, we eat a million tortillas with everything, its terrible because they have no flavor and are super dry and nasty. When I tell people that we don´t eat tortillas in my country they almost die in disbelief!

So this week was the change meeting, but I had no changes!! I am still with Elder Tenecora in San Vicente, which almost guarantees me another 3 months here at least, which is fine because it is a great area! Me and my comp get along great, so I was happy with not changing! We have got a few great investigators who are progressing very well and hopefully will be baptized this November!

One of our investigators named Carlos (the whole world here is named Carlos!), who struggles with drinking, has now gone two weeks without drinking, and if he continues he can be baptized the 17th of November! It is amazing how much he has changed, in just one week he read all of 1st and 2nd Nephi in the Book of Mormon! Its crazy how much he has changed in the past two weeks! Other than him we are working with the "NiƱo Pastor" kid, he also has a baptismal date set for the 17th. I really think that they kept us together for another change so that we can focus on working with these people without the trouble of having to change companions and all that annoying stuff!

Mom, I am sorry to hear about your bad dream about me being hit by a car, until today I haven´t been hit my any cars, so that´s wonderful right? People here really do drive like idiots and it is dangerous here because of that. But don´t worry about that, we will be safe.

So I did get your package this week Mom!! It was awesome! Our stove broke, so we made a fire out of an old phone book to cook the popcorn the other day. It was awesome!! Thank you very much! 

I hope that I will get my ballot in the mail this week because I don´t want to return to an Obama nation in 19 more months. Which reminds me, tomorrow marks my 5 months in the mission!! One more month and I have got a half year done! The time really is starting to go lots faster here! It is great to hear from all of you, business is good, but stressful as always. I hope you all have a great week!

Love Elder Vaughan!

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